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If these attacks are allowed to continue it could destroy the global economy. At the very least the North American economy could be sent into a recession, or even worse, a depression. How will this benefit the poor of the Third World?

All civilizations eventually fall. The unlikely Vandals and Visigoths toppled the Roman Empire. Who is to say that if we don?t act decisively now that we won?t share a similar fate to that of Rome?

I like life on my side of the fence; it?s not perfect but I?d support any action necessary to keep it this way.

Geoff Collier


Re: to the article in the Sept. 14 Pique, an interview between Leslie Anthony, self proclaimed "Professor of ski culture," and reporter Greig Bethel.

Upon reading the opinions of Leslie Anthony, I could not contain some feelings of disbelief about some of the issues that he was "professing." First of all Whistler has four seasons. The main two are the winter and summer seasons. The reason why I am emphasizing two, is because historically summer seasons in ski towns were known not to make a profit. But for the last few years, Whistler has changed this stereotype. Not only has the mountain been benefiting from the increase in people, but the individual operators have as well.

Anyone that lives in Whistler will tell you that the clientele is very different in each of the two seasons. Leslie makes the mistake of not differentiating between these two and solely focuses on the skiing season. Leslie gives an all out to the ski bums and how important they are to whistler and that there needs to be "a certain amount of respect for each other." These statements are fine, but then Leslie also says that Whistler is in danger of becoming cheesy because of such things as the Trolley bus/tours.

Bottom line is that there are more middle aged and elderly people coming to Whistler in the summer time and these numbers, according to statistics and demographics, will not fall but continue to rise. In Whistler there are not a lot of individual companies that cater to the older clients, who aren?t as mobile as younger people. In other words, are such things as Trolley Tours cheesy (as Leslie says) and should we be careful not to let these types of cheesy activities happen in the community?

The simple answer is in what the market wants. If we do not listen or cater to the people that come to the resort then we will be in big trouble. This may offend some of the ski bums that obviously must contribute to the community as much as the tourist do, but if we only cater to the ski elite or the bums of Whistler then eventually people will stop coming. The summer is an important industry in Whistler. This will obviously become more apparent this winter, especially after the tragic incidents that took place in the U.S.