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I understand that many residents enjoy having bears in their backyards and don’t mind the bears’ accessing their bird seed. It will cost the bear his life if you assume your neighbours have the same level of tolerance as you do. There are many residents who are uncomfortable having bears close to their homes and we must respect hat. Conservation officers have no alternatives, under current government policy, but to destroy bears where "there is reason to conclude that the animal has gone through the food-conditioning process and would attempt to return to human activity areas."

The J.J. Whistler Bear Society urges community members to let the government know that their current wildlife management policy is unacceptable and must be changed. We can also provide advice on how to take action.

Let’s work together to teach bears the limits of unacceptable behaviour. You can learn more about living with bears by calling JJWBS at 905-4209 or by visiting us on line at

It is our responsibility to be Bear Smart. People and bears can live in harmony.

Sylvia Dolson

Director, J.J. Whistler Bear Society