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I was somewhat taken aback by the ire raised by the recent cover story, "God's people in the valley of sin" ( Pique , June 22). I realize that religion is always a controversial subject; however, I don't see how such a seemingly benign article justifies such a vehement response. The tenor of the letter, "One big advertisement," ( Pique , June 29) suggests that its author has some issues with organized religion which predate the article.

Clearly, the title of the story, "God's people...," was inappropriate, as it misrepresented the nature of the story. The article covered the current state of organized religion in Whistler. The article did not claim to be the definitive word on "spirituality" in Whistler. Perhaps alternatives to organized religion will be the subject of another story.

I completely agree that the number of attendees or members is not necessarily indicative of the health of a church. However, statistics on membership are an appropriate tool for a story about the state of organized religion.

I am a member of the Whistler Community Church, and have been attending since before the transformation of the praise and worship service into the "rock concert" that it has become. I know the worship leaders and their only "agenda" is to give voice to the range of experiences and commitments that their Christian journey has led them through. I have a great appreciation for the time and effort that these young people put into their area of ministry.

In any organization, religious or secular, there will be some members who are devoted to the cause, and some who are there for the fringe benefits. However, given the uncompromising message that is spoken from the pulpit at the Whistler Community Church every Sunday, no hanger-on is going to feel comfortable there for long.

It is true that the size of the Church does not prove the sincerity of its members, or the truth and validity of its message. However, the fact that the Whistler Community Church has more than doubled its membership, in the slightly less than five years since I came to Whistler, may just possibly indicate that we are onto something good. You will have to come and participate to find out for sure.

Steve Antil


What a great day we had for the Canada Day parade!

Thank you to all that participated and came out to celebrate with us!

We had a record number of entrants and we appreciated everyone's efforts.

The parade winners included:

The Best Commercial Entrant: Buffalo Bill's – their first time in the parade

The Best Community Entrant: Whistler Skating Club

The Best Marching Band: The Reynold's High School Band (6 th year)

The Best dog: RCMP dog

The Best Horse: RCMP horse

The parade is a community effort and we couldn't have done it with out the help of the following people…

Thank you to the Rotary Club of Whistler for their help in judging the parade again this year.

Thanks also to Evan of FORKS for the use of his patio.

Thank you to Whistler Lodging Company for assisting with their accommodations for the band.

The Musical Ride RCMP Horse and dog was courtesy of the Festivals department of Tourism Whistler.

Mayor Hugh O'Reilly

Birthday Cake, courtesy of Market Catering

The singing of "O' Canada" by the Whistler Children's Chorus —

Allison Hunter

FIREWORKS were great, thanks to…

Keith Mellor of Northern Lights Fireworks — local firefighters

Thanks to Whiski Jack Resorts

Tourism Whistler, Whistler/Blackcomb — Intrawest, Delta Whistler Village suites, and Delta Whistler Resort.

Thanks also to Lovena Harvey for the help with the Farmers’ Market and use of sound system for ceremonies.

Buffalo Bills; for the use of their walkie talkies.

A big Canada Day "thank you" to Ollie Kearns of the Parks Branch of RMOW for his assistance with the traffic control.

Thank you also to all of the Parade Marshalls.

Linda Marshall, Chair

Jennifer Pederson, Assistant

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