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Prorogation is common

The prime minister announced on Aug.19 that he would prorogue Parliament. The House is expected to resume sitting by mind-October. I acknowledge and am eager to address some of the concerns and myths surrounding prorogation.

Prorogation is common in our parliamentary system, having been used by many governments, of various parties. Our government is coming off a productive last sitting of Parliament, having managed to attain the majority of its electoral promises before the summer recess. The prime minister recently mentioned that the Conservative government has already fulfilled 84 of the more than 100 campaign pledges from 2011.

Prorogation will enable the government to orient fresh commitments around the current needs of Canadians, another theme which we can anticipate in the throne speech, an event that necessarily follows the prorogation of parliament — jobs and growth are bound to remain a key priority.

Prorogation does not equate to "time off" for parliamentarians; in fact, many MPs work even harder in their ridings than in Ottawa, meeting with constituents, attending events, and, in my case, covering the large territory of the riding.

Having just undergone a series of unexpected eye surgeries, I relish the chance to connect with people here, as well as a chance to interact with ministers and officials key to important developments in our riding. 

Constituents have brought many important initiatives to my attention over the summer that relate to priorities such as the economy, the environment, fisheries; and health and fitness; I am eager to work on these and welcome people's input, in terms of energy, volunteer effort, and ideas.

John Weston, M.P.

West Vancouver – Sunshine Coast – Sea to Sky Country

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