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Letters to the editor for the week of September 5th


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Here is the beef

I must reply to Mr. Doug Garnett's letter (Pique's) Aug. 22 edition, complaining of the lack of local fare in the Pemberton Slow Food Ride. Mr. Garnett is right that line-ups for our hamburgers were long.

When several thousand people drop in for lunch all at the same time that is bound to happen. Most people understand the circumstances and use the time to meet the people around them and to enjoy their magnificent surroundings.

The fact that Mr. Garnett has, "not eaten a hamburger of any description in more than 10 years" does not stop him from passing judgement on ours as "a very mediocre hamburger." All I can say is that the vast majority of our visitors do not agree with him.

He is right that we do not serve a local beverage. The only local beverage we have available is well water, which health regulations do not allow us to serve.

Mr. Garnett is way off base when he alleges that, "I doubt whether the beef was locally produced, and I suspect it came frozen from a huge processing plant somewhere thousands of kilometres from Pemberton."

Perhaps if Mr. Garnett took a few minutes of his long wait in line to look around the farmyard, he would see the cattle that became that fine beef. That, sir, is as local as it gets!

Whether out of malice or ignorance, Mr. Garnett disparages the work of a lot of community-minded volunteers, and comes very close to accusing Pemberton Meadows Natural Beef of perpetrating a fraud.

At the very least he owes Pemberton Meadows Natural Beef an apology.

Don Millerd

Pemberton Meadows Natural Beef

Pemberton local fare

In response to Doug Garnett's letter "Where was the local fare?" (Pique Aug.22) — it was in the bun and most likely in the tacos as well. Pemberton farms produce beef, pork, potatoes and various vegetables. The beef may be bred here, but the cattle are sent away for slaughter, as we do not have an abattoir here.

My wife and I also spent an hour in line for our burger, but spent it "chatting" and enjoyed the burger all the more. As for the cost, I didn't mind spending $8 for burger and soft drink (sorry, we do not produce pop locally, maybe you could invest in a business, rather than putting everything down?) as I believe that the profits from the sale of burgers went to the Pemberton Search and Rescue (another local, worthy cause).

The tacos, which are not local or even Canadian, may not be to your liking, but as long as they use local fare to fill them (not the cod) then what is the problem, and the potato (Pemberton is world known for its seed potatoes) taco boring, boring? How do you know, as you never even tried it (maybe if they had added "tacos de papa" to the title it would have agreed with your gustatory perception)?

Remember, you can please some of the people all of the time, or you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time.

Jim Clark


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