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Letters to the editor for the week of September 5th


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Relay for Life

Years have past since the day I had a seizure... followed by tests... followed by a seven-hour brain surgery... followed by months of chemo and radiation... followed by a lump in my breast four years later... followed by four surgeries... including breast and lymph node removal.

I will never be the person I was — but I'm still here because an unbelievable number of people across the nation and worldwide do what they can to fight cancer.

On Saturday, Sept. 21 the 2013 Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life takes place in Squamish. Cancer sucks but this event is fun.

Visit: http://www.relaybc.ca/squamish2013 to join Resort Municipality of Whistler Relayers Team, or donate.

Peace out.

Leslie Weir


Shaker shout out!

In the post-event haze that follows a summer of planning and building, the Two Acre Shaker would like to take a moment to acknowledge the contributions of some very giving people and businesses.

Firstly, we lean heavily on our friends and families for support in pulling this thing off. Amy, Megan, and Lisa are always an important part of the foundation and we could not do what we do without them being there with us every step of the way.

Second, we rely on dozens of volunteers in the days and weeks leading up to, and including, the day of our show. We "employ" many hands on and offsite in preparation and we owe them all a big thank you. Laura Goodwin and her "chill lounge" crew put forth a tremendous effort and their creation was an important new addition for us.

A very special thank you goes out this year to Kitt Redhead. Kitt contacted us in the early summer in the hopes of getting involved. She took on a very important project and embraced full ownership of it — freeing us up to focus on other aspects of the production.

Vanessa Murphy and Karin Emond have always helped us enormously in the marketing and legal departments and have been instrumental, at times, in keeping the Shaker "alive."

Our frat pack of talented manfriends constitutes the core and ultimately galvanizes the certainty of success of the Shaker. The vision, construction, artistry, and execution of the production could not happen without them. Huge thanks to: Tyson Rivet, Adam Mercer, Andrew Howell, Phil Marchand, Malcolm Sidford, Steve French, Steve Brawn, Tall Paul, Adam Clark, Brydone Dewar, Kelven Vail, Andor Tari, and Andrew Calwell. These pages, really, are too short to list all who have participated. You know who you are — please know that you are appreciated.

Finally, many local businesses also found ways to support us this year. Pemberton Valley Hardware really went above and beyond in generous financial support. Pemberton Bike Co., Evolution, Stuntwood, Sitka, Whistler FM (Jason, Ace and Scotty) Sabre, Valley Chainsaw, and The Animal Barn all threw their hats into the ring. We found this extra support hugely beneficial in taking the production quality to a lofty new level.

One final special Shaker shout out to Paul Vacirca (of Pemberton Valley Hardware) who has always been a huge supporter of the Shaker. Paul has been a great resource and sounding board, due to his involvement in the community of Pemberton and his familiarity with the processes of due diligence required to throw a great festival... while still being a good neighbour.

We love you all!

Kirk Becker and "The Shakership"


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