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Letters to the editor for the week of September 19th


Is UBCM convention money well spent?

I'm writing to express my utter disbelief and disappointment with the mayor's decision to spend $15,000 worth of taxpayers' money to go to the Union of British Columbia Municipalities convention in Vancouver (Pique Sept.12).

I don't disagree that council should go, as I'm sure there will be useful information shared. But spending nearly $9,000 on accommodation for the five days is just plain insane (registration to convention is another $4,987). Surely at least a few Whistler councillors have family and/or friends in the city that they could stay with?

With the money saved they can donate it to local cancer battler Patricia Stoop and her family who are holding a fundraising hoedown on Sept. 29 to raise money for her potentially (fingers crossed!) lifesaving medication.

I know that I would much rather see my tax dollars being put to use saving a local mother's life rather than to shack up councillors in five-star hotels.

I hope that they think about this, as they lie snug in their downtown hotel's king-sized Simmons/Beautyrest beds.

Councillors: you have a choice.

Kate Turner


FSC certification on the way

Thank you Louise Taylor (Pique Sept. 12) for your support for Forest Stewardship Council certification. The Cheakamus Community Forest has been working toward FSC certification for the last few years.

We are working with our partners Ecotrust Canada and FSC Canada to prepare of the certification within the next year.

Our Ecosystem Based Management Plan, our carbon credit program, and our FSC application are all recognized as world-class management of the forest. The CCF is dedicated to being the best-managed community forest in B.C..

Thanks again.

Peter Ackhurst

Cheakamus Community Forest

Miss Whistler!

For a small town filled to the brim with so many bros and dudes, one would think it was worthy of mention in either paper last week that this town just inaugurated its newest in Whistler Royalty... Miss Whistler a.k.a Rachel Thom!

Aside from the fact that she is drop-dead gorgeous and looked fabulous that evening, she also happens to be this town's best singer-songwriter and a phenomenal professional photographer.

What an array of talents to showcase to the world — that this town has strong, independent women, working hard every day to make Whistler such an amazing place to live!

On behalf of all the dudes and bros, and for the love of God, please post a picture of a beautiful woman when it's actual news, we've seen enough pictures of guys riding bikes this summer!

Mike FroMontreal