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Letters to the editor for the week of September 12th


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A true shame... but karma can be reversed

On Sunday (Sept.1) I was truly disappointed.

I went to the lake with my heavily pregnant wife to help her with her paddleboard, only to find it had been stolen.

At first we thought it couldn't be, not in Whistler. But after checking with all of our friends, no one had borrowed it to watch Ironman. It was stolen.

A good friend of ours that resides in the property next to Blueberry docks had kindly allowed us to leave my wife's paddleboard at the shore of his Alta Vista home. She had been unable to carry it from the car to the lake for many months, and with stand up paddle boarding being the only thing she was able to do in her pregnant state, we were very appreciative of this privilege.

We all make mistakes and I understand that this board being left on the shore was very attractive to take, but please know that by taking this board, you have taken the one thing that my wonderful wife, and now mother to my gorgeous son, is able to enjoy. (It's been) the one activity that has been her vice for the summer.

There is no shame in returning our paddleboard back to where it lay a week ago. We will not judge you if we see you return it, only thank you for your honesty in returning it to the owner for her to enjoy.

For anyone cruising the lake the paddleboard is a brand new Grizzly 11'4" with a ¾" grey padded deck. It is white with two wood panels about eight-inches wide on the deck.

We all make mistakes, but if you have a conscience, take this opportunity to reverse your karma by returning something that was not yours to take.

Mike Conway


HH @ Meet Your Maker 50 Ultra

This past Labour Day weekend the annual Meet Your Maker 50 mile Ultra Trail and Marathon race went down in our beautiful backyard, Whistler, B.C.

Helly Hansen was proud to enter two relay teams made up of loyal runners from Helly Hansen Whistler's "Trail Training Tuesday" weekly running group, for the second consecutive year.

With the goal to build upon last year's success at the event, HH Whistler entered a "fast" team and a "fun" team. The "fast" team was happy to say they placed fifth with a smoking time. Laura Bestow blazed a course record on leg 4, running from the top of the Peak 2 Peak gondola on Whistler to Dusty's in just over 29 minutes! With Cathy Jenkins and Jeff Grant finishing second in their legs, Tara Gorman powering up Blackcomb as the fastest woman, Jean MacDonald chasing down her blazing time from last year, Daryl West running Comfortably Numb way faster than his goal and Amanda Juvik powering through an injured ankle, we finished 20 minutes faster than last year's second place team, which is a testament to the improved quality of racing this year.

The "fun" team had just that — finishing a very strong 19th out of 33 overall. Locals Stephanie Smith, Jim Budge, Kevani MacDonald, Briony Langmead, Liz Ash-Peacock, Cathy Owen and Shannon Gorman made all of us especially proud, each blowing away their personal goals, personal bests and overcoming the intimidation of this ridiculously gruelling course.

There was never a doubt in my mind!

All in all, it was an amazing day of trail running on an unbelievable track. We from Helly Hansen Whistler would like to thank everyone in the valley for again entertaining a large-scale event so graciously; it really means a lot and speaks volume about our community!

We would also like to thank all the volunteers that helped to make the day a great success, these events can never happen without you. Thanks very much to Chris Colpitts and Kathryn at MYM 50 for your tireless efforts pulling off this incredible show and for figuring out how to start us running at such an ungodly hour!

Finally a very special thanks to Chris Kennedy, the course director, owner of Black Diamond Fitness and all around great guy/coach who runs "Trail Training Tuesdays" with myself, without whom none of this would have been possible.

Oh, I can't forget WORCA — thanks WORCA for providing us with the canvas that we trail runners get to paint on, we are so lucky to have this unreal network of terrain.

We are already looking forward to running with everyone again at next year's "Trail Training Tuesdays" and to battling it out again at Meet Your Maker 2014!

Jeff Grant, manager

Helly Hansen Westin Whistler