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Letters to the editor for the week of November 29th


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Owner Yama Yoga

Spitters on the bus — stop!

Please stop defiling my paradise! It happens in the form of throwing trash on the Valley Trail, peeing in a public space, swearing profusely on the stroll, and now spitting loogies on the bus. Is it really that hard to respect this beautiful place and the people living around you who call Whistler home?

To these types of immature, disrespectful people: Take a moment to think before you act and ask yourself, "What would my mother think," or "What would Whistler be like if everyone did like this."

To the young people, like me, who love Whistler but hate having to put up with this crap: Please don't ever let anyone you know act this way and call out those that do!

If anyone knows the three young French Canadian boys who are all about 20-years-old, were riding the #1 bus at around 1:40 a.m. on the night of Saturday Nov 17, got off at the last stop in Creekside, were loud and obnoxious and repeatedly spat on the floor of the bus, please pass on a message from me: GROW UP OR GO HOME!

Marlee Corra