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Letters to the editor for the week of November 29th


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Thank you to Deb Carson who stepped in at the last minute to run our kitchen, and to assistants: Bob Fletcher, Marie Goncalvez, Miller Wiltse and Mabel Stillwell, and to Pemberton Valley Supermarket for their contribution to the luncheon, and thanks also to our bar staff, Sheila, Neil, and Ellen, who managed to keep the hot toddies coming as we moved inside from the cold November day.

Thank you Pemberton and surrounding communities for remembering, but most of all thank you to our veterans.

Lesley Clark


Pemberton Branch 201

Royal Canadian Legion

Celebration a success

On behalf of Pemberton Multicultural Network, I would like to thank everyone who came to the first Pemberton Multicultural Celebration. When we were organizing this event we wanted to have the opportunity to share our cultures with the community of Pemberton, offering our skills, values and experiences. We hope we have done that.

At the same time, we have learnt so much about the people of Pemberton — their generosity, interest and welcoming spirit. It was a huge pleasure to see so many come out and have some fun, join in and spend time with us.

I also want to thank all the volunteers who put so much of their own time and energy into making the Celebration such a success. There's no room to mention everyone, but thank you Yuko, Ann, Fanny, Lisette, Elisa, Kaori, Toshi, Sandy, Miho, Fe, Kinu, Hiroko, Fumie, Misun, Mari, Reiko, Hiroko, Hiromi, Aki, Masumi, Lolita, Nancy, Karen, Maude, Karin, Sony and Carole for your huge hearts and for donating your (and your family's) time and to all leaders and members of Pemberton Multicultural Network, as well as our supporters and friends. Especially, Swiss Deli and Suiki-ya Japanese Restaurant, letting us use the kitchen and providing a huge amount of food for in-kind. LB production and all performers, thanks for making us realize how many talented people we have in spud Valley. Pemberton Football Club and Ecole de la Vallee-de-Pemberton, thanks for joining us in the event.

Special thanks also go to the Lil'wat Nation and Lois Joseph for sharing their dances, crafts and food with us. Also to Shannon Ellis at the Pemberton Library for supporting this idea from the start, to Jill Brooksbank at the Village of Pemberton for believing in and supporting the event, to James Linklater who made it possible for us to offer food, to the Pemberton council which was brave enough to grant funding to get us started, and to Mayor Jordan Sturdy who was kind enough to say a few words at the event, and then stayed on for quite a while.