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Letters to the editor for the week of November 28th


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This is the act of a developer that is not in touch with the needs of this community. They are not the kind of resort partners Whistler wants, or needs. Hopefully it will end here with their seventh and final attempt.

AWARE Past Presidents B. Max Gotz, Brad Kasselman, Ken Melamed, Mitchell Rhodes and Wendy Horan

Horse policy needed

In Mount Currie, last weekend 60 horses came close to getting culled and shipped off to the dog food factory.

Mount Currie residents stopped it from happening. It is still painful to think what happened to the Whistler Sled Dogs a couple years ago, this shouldn't have to happen to these horses.

The SPCA doesn't have jurisdiction on reserve land — it needs to be invited. This needs to happen. This story needs nation-wide attention to put pressure on the local chief and mayor to support a program to adopt these horses out.

Please help.

Kristin Nuttall


Ending hunger in Whistler

I am the Whistler Community Services Society Food Bank Coordinator, and written right into my job description is the task to End Hunger in Whistler. I know this is impossible, but when I started at the Food Bank I knew it had to be part of my job description.

There will always be people in every community that struggle at times to put food on their table. In Canada's past people were able to seek help from family and friends in the community, but many went without and their health was compromised because of it. There was little to no government help and thus, food banks stepped in to fill the need. Until communities, politicians, businesses and individuals step up to the challenge of helping people address their needs and get the long-term help they require, there will be a need for food banks.

After the 2008 recession in Whistler, the number of people needing the food bank in Whistler skyrocketed. We struggled to keep our shelves stocked and continue feeding the hundreds of people coming through our doors.

Now at the end of 2013 we are starting to see the number of people at the food bank go down. It may be some time until we get back down to pre-recession numbers, but we are finally moving in the right direction.

It goes to show, when Whistler is hurting economically numbers rise at the food bank as jobs are cut, and when Whistler business picks up, the snow is flying or the sun is shining there are more jobs and less people at the food bank.