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Letters to the editor for the week of November 28th


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As a side note, most of these places appear not to even charge GST and it raises the question whether the CRA and BC Assessment might be interested to receive this information too?

Enough is enough and I am told that both the municipality and Tourism Whistler, the powers of Whistler, appear to have a lack of interest or willingness to put an end to this. I have received support from the Hotel Association of Whistler and the B&B Association, along with a number of other second homeowners who would like to see this situation rectified. Not next month, in a year or after the winter season but now!

If you are one of the many second homeowners, property managers or in general, want to support this initiative, I encourage you to go online to the petition I have placed on change.org.

The link is https://www.change.org/en-CA/petitions/stop-illegal-nightly-rentals-in-whistler

Let's finally see a resolution to this and I thank you all for your support!

Maddy Hamilton


Answer to WIC may be land swap?

In a very short time (council) will be coming to a decision about post-secondary education in Whistler. (It has) the conclusions of advisory commissions, and data that looks, on the face of it, convincing, that there is much to be gained.  What has always been missing, however, is any separation of the concept and rationalization of a post-secondary institution here, from the rezoning and development of a particular piece of sensitive land.

The Whistler community would be best served if you moved to trade the Zen lands, including the rights for the four houses, for a large enough parcel of land to develop a campus on less sensitive (above valley bottom) land.

As the proponents of Whistler International Campus support their project with data on the number of students, faculty and collegiate partners they have, one result of such a motion could be that they would jump in and carry on, as this would change nothing in the support numbers they have provided.

A different possible outcome might be to show this to be the real estate development scheme many claim it to be.

The fruitful outcome of such a motion is that (council) will have protected our last piece of low-valley wetlands and vertical bog, (as recommended by members of both FWAC and AWARE) and will have separated two now entwined complex issues so that each can be judged on its real merits.

Alan G. Whitney