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Letters to the Editor for the week of May 4th


Vote for change

Clare Ogilvie's (editorial) was factual and well written (Pique, April 27, "Candidates debate Sea to Sky issues").

I was one of the 60 citizens in attendance at the all-candidates debate for the May 9 provincial election.

I asked the Woodfibre LNG question there to BC Green Party candidate, Dana Taylor, to position them on the environment against Jordan Sturdy and the BC Liberals.

I detest Premier Christy Clark and her "pay to play" politics and fundraising with the B.C. and Alberta petrochemical sector.

I also love the beauty and pristine treasure of Howe Sound and the Sea to Sky and believe this nature needs to be well protected and preserved for future generations of B.C. and Canadian citizens, residents, and international visitors.

Alas, I am a visitor and not a Canadian citizen and will be unable to vote here in B.C. on May 9.

I am hoping that the well-informed B.C. voters fire Christy Clark and remove the BC Liberals from provincial power on May 9.

We all will be watching election results that night.

Mike Herman

False promises?

How would you feel if, people advocated for your dismissal, just because they disagreed with the views or policies of your boss? This, even though they had stated that you were doing a good job.

Jordan Sturdy (BC Liberal incumbent) is well liked, well respected, and many would argue has done a great job for his constituents. Yet it has been stated that people want him out.

Do you really want him out? Do you want to have Whistler's RMI funding clawed back by an NDP government in a futile attempt to balance the books after profligate spending?

The NDP has been making promises that really do not appear to have been thoroughly evaluated.

Politicians, aspiring politicians and candidates make promises, often empty promises, without a hope in hell of actually delivering on them. When a candidate says he will do everything in his power to move the asphalt plant, that is akin to me stating that I will do everything in my power to ensure that all locals, let's go further, all British Columbians, get a free ski pass next season for unlimited skiing on Whistler Blackcomb.

Nice, dream on, but both you and I know it will not happen.

I wish to take this opportunity to berate G.D. Maxwell for a comment he made regarding Premier Christy Clark dropping the writ (Pique, April 13). Max, this is 2017. Sexist remarks, such as dropping her pants, reflects poorly on you. Surely, you are smarter than that and we expect better from you.

Keith Fernandes

Fracking mess!

It's time to clean up this fracking mess!

Researchers recently discovered that methane emissions from the LNG/fracking sector are at least 2.5 times higher than the government estimates, meaning the LNG/fracking industry is much dirtier than we've been told. 

New research shows that LNG/fracking is the largest source of climate pollution in B.C.

The natural gas/fracked gas industry is intentionally releasing methane into the air 24 hours a day. Most of these emissions are not being measured, monitored or reported. 

The federal government recently announced a delay of three years to take action to reduce methane pollution. We can't afford this delay. Cutting methane pollution is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to address climate change. 

Methane is 84 times more potent as a climate pollutant than carbon dioxide and has a relatively short lifespan, so reducing methane emissions will have a quick and major impact on protecting our climate.It's time to invest in (a) clean-energy economy — clearly LNG/fracked gas is not a reasonable transition fuel.

Please vote in our next provincial election on May 9.

Elizabeth Lefevre

Time for a different approach?

At the risk of sounding like yet another spring-time garbage letter: A few times a week my son and I collect garbage on our walk around the Cheakamus neighbourhood.

One thing we've noticed is that garbage tends to be concentrated around bus stops — I understand this isn't limited to our neighbourhood.

I'm not sure why there aren't any bins at the stops themselves, though maybe it's to do with not attracting bears, etc.

So instead, I'm wondering if it's at all possible to install garbage cans/recycling bins on public transit?

A quick Internet search shows many centres around the world do this though I've never investigated this personally. And of course, any bins anywhere will mean more work for someone, but perhaps we could try a different approach.

Desiree Mou

Fun "at-home" exercise

OK everyone, grab a pen and open last week's Pique, the April 27 issue.

Open up to Leslie Anthony's column, "Punt the B.C. HarperCons (a.k.a. Liberals)," on page 27.

Remove Christy Clark and insert Justin Trudeau.

Remove B.C. or province or Victoria, insert Canada or Canadian or Ottawa.

Remove Vancouver-based land developers, insert Chinese billionaires.

Now simply ignore a few local bits and, voila, a near-perfect account of our current federal government.

Thanks Mr. Anthony. Saves me the time. Seems we now have two politically successful governments in Canada who are using many of the policies of the former Prime Minister while maintaining very strong support from Liberal voters. Oh, sorry, HarperCon voters. Let's not forget, Liberal voters elected all these so-called HarperCons.

Perri Domm

Magical weekend

It was incredible to see so many young musicians from many high schools across the country and the U.S. coming to Whistler's music festival to participate and perform — and perform they did.

Each band left the warm-up room with last minute instructions and encouragement from their music director: attention to detail, to posture and last but not least "smile and have fun."

A few years ago, when I volunteered for the same event, an adjudicator left his group with this message, "Always let the audience break the magic." Once in the concert hall they performed with confidence, passion and love for music. 

Please keep the music coming. The world needs music, now more so than ever before. A world without music would be a world without sunshine. Music has the power to unite, reunite and heal.

Many thanks to the musicians' supporters (parents and teachers) for their commitment and tireless hard work.

Thank you, Alison Hunter, and all the other coordinators for bringing this event to our community.

Karin Wylie

WSS career day thanks

A big shout-out to the 36 dedicated professionals from our community who so generously donated their morning to speak to Grade 10, 11 and 12 students at Whistler Secondary School during the Career Pathways Day on April 25.

By sharing your own personal career journeys, you gave our kids valuable insight into what it takes to succeed in life.

Thank you Stephanie McHugh, Scott Patterson, Paula Del Bosco, Jenn James, Jaime Grant, Gwen Milley, Karen Garrett, Jordan Glasser, Joanna Meltzer, Jen Leigh, Paula Haider, Tara Merrie, Darryl Palmer, Scott Rogers, Rebecca Wood Barrett, Steve Legge, Tony Moser, Greg Hammond, Carson Hamm, Kerri Stewart, Aryn Burton, Don Schwartz, Jorge Alvarez, Nancy Knapton, Chris Armstrong, Dana Elliott, Eric Poulin, Lexi Shewchuk, Rachael Lythe, Sarah Strother, Britt Janyk, Dan Wilson, Andrew Tucker, Erin Crawford, Jocelyn Read, and Margaret Forbes.

Kudos to Andrea Legge and Kerri Fletcher for creating and organizing this interesting and informative event for our students.

Many thanks also to IGA Marketplace and Tim Horton's Creekside for generously providing refreshments.

Leslie Scott and Monica Bacon
Co-chairs WSS PAC

Pemberton Slo Pitch work bee

The Pemberton Slo Pitch League would like to thank all the volunteers who showed up last Saturday, April 29, to help fix our fields for play starting May 1.

Special mention to Chris "Bones" Neil for going above and beyond.We would also like to thank Back Country Pizza for its generosity in keeping us fed and to Mile One Café, Grimms Deli, Mt. Currie Coffee Co, the Pemberton Hotel and Clip Clop Barbershop for all the door-prize donations.

The fields look great!

Peter Wortman

Thank you, Lawrence

On behalf of the Heart Transplant Home Society, we would like to thank Lawrence Black of Black's Restaurant and Pub, for supporting our charity event.

Lawrence gave us use of the upper floor of Black's Pub, and provided staff and food for our event.

Heart Transplant Home Society provides housing for people needing to stay close to St. Paul's Hospital while waiting for, and recovering from, a heart transplant.

The event was held Sunday, April 23. It was a fun event and a good fundraiser for the Heart Transplant Home Society.

Thank you for everybody that attended and thank you for your support.

Brett Third

A well-deserved thanks

During this past five-month period I have had the reassuring pleasure of having to attend physiotherapy in Whistler.

Nothing new for many of you who lead the active life here and have your personal favourite practitioner. However, for me it was my first experience and it was simply awesome!

The body of professional women and men who practice physiotherapy and massage therapy in Whistler, I feel, have earned a much deserved public thank you.   

Tom Thomson

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