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Letters to the editor for the week of May 30th


Karma is a bitch

I am absolutely dumbfounded at the callousness of some people who visit Whistler.

On Sunday, May 26 one of my work colleagues had her new bike stolen. It was taken from her home — the lock was cut and callously left. When she realized it was gone she contacted the police who were unable to assist due to all the officers out on patrol.

Her next stop was me. I was devastated for her. She had moved to Whistler from Vancouver on a full-time basis for the summer to fulfill her dream of mountain biking. She had spent the entire winter studying and travelling to Whistler to work at the weekend. She saved all her money and tips to buy the bike, which cost her $1,000 in hard earned cash, never mind the cost of her bike park pass and helmet.

I wish these scumbags would realize the devastation they leave behind — they come to Whistler, treat it like a garbage bin, take what doesn't belong to them and leave a trail of heartache behind.

The hardest thing to watch is this bright, smiley, upbeat young lady completely crushed. She had spent three glorious days in the bike park — her words not mine.

She works in a very popular coffee shop in the village and although its pretty much tourist based there are regular locals who frequent the store. One of these locals came in this morning and said he had a used bike she could have —Oh wow! She went crazy, crying, hugging and not believing her luck that she'd be able to ride the bikepark again.

However, the story doesn't end there. After her bike was stolen she put out to her friends on Facebook what had happened and, of course, friends were messaging her with their support but one of these friends went further than that.

He is Scottish and is presently in Australia — he contacted a local bike shop and with their help he chose and paid for the perfect bike for her, he then had it delivered to the coffee shop as a surprise.

As you can imagine it caused quite a spectacle when this spanking new bike was rolled into the store!

She just couldn't believe her eyes and once again the tears flowed, but this time she had the brightest smile you could imagine.

So you see great things happen to great people and for the callous scumbags who chose to cause so much heartache when they made the decision to take something that didn't belong to them, I want them to know and remember that "Karma is a Bitch."

Tomorrow the two of us are off to the bikepark with a rather large bike lock and the biggest smile on a very happy young lady's face.

Gillian Rowan