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Letters to the editor for the week of May 2nd

Share the Trail with Runners


Share the Trail with Runners

Wahoo! The Valley Trail is clear and we runners can finally get out there and start our training for the multitude of running events happening in Whistler this year!

You will no doubt encounter many of us out there breathless and not far from collapsing. This is why I write this note. Yes, many of us have just run many, many kilometres and one of the worse things we can be faced with is someone's four-legged friend trotting up to meet us. THIS IS NOT GOOD IN THE RUNNER'S WORLD!

Please don't get me wrong — we love dogs and they can make excellent running companions. In fact, we carry doggy supplies in our store for your best friend (no more store plugs!).

In a runner's world, it is all about pace and maintaining that pace over many kilometres. As we don't know your friend, when they run up to us, we really don't know what to expect from them or they us! In fact, some would rather run with us than walk with you, which causes us to stop and get them back to you.

Some of the young ones like to come and wrap their bodies around our legs — thus tripping us and even injuring them.

It doesn't really matter what happens, but if our pace is disrupted it causes us a great deal of effort to get back on pace and back to the comfy place in our minds so we can complete our workout. This is not fun for us.

So, I respectfully ask that you be sure that your pal is on her/his side of the Valley Trail when you encounter us. If she/he is making a move towards us that you, at least, call her back. If she/he is prone to checking us out, please consider leashing the dog.

Just generally, respect that although we love dogs, we really do need to run uninterrupted during our training.

Thank you and see you both on the trails!

Wanda Chalk, Run With It


Where's our 2010 legacy?

I am not so naïve as to expect the bus services we had from Pemberton and Squamish every twenty minutes during the 2010 Olympics was going to last, but we were led to expect that these high-profile, non-polluting, fuel–cell buses were going to give us improved bus services to Whistler.

Not only hasn't that happened, but we now have far less service then we had before the Olympics while gas prices have rocketed and the green media encourages us out of our cars.

That doesn't include the increasing numbers of seniors, First Nation and others that either no longer drive, or can't afford to drive or own vehicles anymore. We need an early morning bus, a late morning and a mid-afternoon to start with for both personal, recreational, business and employee needs.