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Letters to the editor for the week of May 23rd


Is Whistler no longer a family-friendly town?

We have visited Whistler with family for the past couple of years. We did it again this year on the May long weekend, and were extremely disappointed to find that Whistler is becoming very un-family friendly.

The condo we were staying at in the Village was besieged with under-age drunken partiers. We expect a certain amount of partying at Whistler, but this was over the top.

There were a couple of units on the floor we were staying on that were occupied by 17 to 18 year olds, 30 to 40 of them, no adults in sight, who were going from room to room and partying in the hallways. They were loud, obnoxious, falling-down drunk, the F-bombs were flying, and they were on the balconies throwing lit cigarettes on the cars below laughing their heads off.

We were afraid for our safety to go out in the hallway. The noise was unbelievable. Our small children kept asking what was happening.

We called security, which advised us to call the police, which we did. Four to five police officers showed up, but by that time, most of the partiers had taken off out the front door. However, a couple of under-aged partiers who were still there were arrested.

Unfortunately, the rest all just came back once the police left and started all over again, presumably because they were too young to get into the bars and clubs. We were up until 4 a.m. dealing with security and the police.

The property management company we rented from stated they have a policy that renters must be 25 years old, and admitted they had a group of under-aged people who they initially turned away, but then came back with an adult, who rented the units.

We were moved to another building the next morning, but one night of our family vacation (and the next day, because we were all so tired) was ruined.

We cannot fault the police, but feel the management companies need to be more careful in who they are renting to. They later admitted they had to evict three units, and issued a record number of fines, which all eats into their bottom line.

I was in the lobby of the Hilton, and saw a manager with three police officers, and he was apologizing for having to call them out for a third time! So obviously our problem is not an isolated one.

We will have to think long and hard before we decide to spend our family vacation dollars to stay in the village again.

Kathleen Nelsen

New Westminster

Help us make our home feel safe again

With the May long weekend finally at an end, we can go back into the village and everything is back to normal... except it isn't.

Same as last year, and the year before we have the unsuitable crowd that comes up from the city and surrounding areas. These unwanted groups and/or people come up here and vandalize our town, harass our residents, and assault locals and tourists. This repulsive un-human behavior needs to stop. 

What a sight it must be to walk into the village as a mother or father with a family, away for an amazing holiday weekend to see one of the numerous businesses windows smashed or all the garbage accumulated around town.

Hearing my two friends talk about things that happened last night (May 19) at different restaurants they work at is just adding to my frustration. Some of the things included "...never met people so rude," and "...I was ready to snap." Apparently a girl was having a smoke outside their work when she was approached by a non-Whistler resident. He walked up to her and grabbed her inappropriately without any contact by the girl. What kind of world are we living in that these people think they can come up here and act like this? I am truly embarrassed to walk through the village right now and call this place my home. 

These long weekends need to be treated like New Year's. As residents we need to take a stand against this kind of violence and uncalled for behaviour in the place we call home. Being a resident of Whistler for almost three years now I know we "have each others backs." But when no one who lives in Whistler is willing to go out on these long weekends because we're afraid of getting stabbed at a nightclub, or our wives/girlfriends/friends being harassed so badly that they break into tears — that is saying something. Now we're saying something to you, (mayor and council).

Help us regain confidence in the leadership of this city on long weekends, and make us feel safe again — because we don't. The next weekend coming up is June 28 to July 1. We need to be prepared for this, and so does our city. As concerned citizens of Whistler B.C., none of us want to see the next long weekend end up look this one, or ones in the past. 

Wesley Tyler Menichan


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