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Letters to the Editor for the week of May 17


Leaving a legacy

For a lot of us in the Sea to Sky corridor, March 28 was a tragic day, (for) as most of you are aware, we lost one of our own in a fatal avalanche that day.

Lisa Korthals' Celebration of Life was attended by many—too many to count. The sheer number of people who attended was a testament to the number of lives she touched in a positive way.

When I spoke that night, I mentioned that we were planning to organize a memorial bursary in Lisa's name to assist women who want to become ski guides. A GoFundMe campaign has been organized to start the funding for this bursary.

We are asking the mountain community to contribute to this fund and help us get this bursary off the ground. In (just a few) days, we have generated over $3,000 and that is a good start, but we want this bursary to be a long-term legacy to Lisa's memory and what she stood for.So, here is my shameless plug: Please visit www.gofundme.com/Lisa-Korthals-Bursary and contribute to our campaign. We need your help to (support) this program (long term).

We will be approaching corporations asking for an annual commitment to the fund, so if you have connections (in that area) that would like to get involved, they can do so through the GoFundMe site or the Canadian Ski Guides Association, stating their intentions. We will make contact with them to discuss options.To those who have contributed already, and to those who will, thank you!

Spread the word. Lisa's spirit lives on.

Vlad Lamoureux

Whistler – the land of opportunity 

Our story of why we came to Whistler is similar to that of many other families: a new adventure, an escape from the rat race, exposing our children to a different place.

We had spent many vacations here and thought spending a school year in Whistler would be fun, then we would return to our life, community and family in Ontario ... You all know the ending.

When we told our families we were staying out here, they were not surprised. However, what did surprise me was one of our main reasons for staying—opportunity.

In my mind, Whistler was a small town with international flair. What I discovered is that it's a place where people have chosen to live, chosen to work, and chosen to push their limits to try new things—and try new things not just because the mountain air somehow increases their bravado, but because the community is so supportive.

I learned to ski in my 40s last year because the Whistler Blackcomb instructors believed in me.

I rode singletrack bike trails for the first time because there is a course for super beginners and a colleague encouraged me to attend.

And this year, I wanted to host an event to raise funds and awareness to support those living with multiple sclerosis, a cause near to heart as my sister lives with MS.

I sent an email to friends floating the idea and looking for help and within days, the Spring Fling for MS was launched. We soon had a location, a DJ, a committee, sponsors and support from the MS Society of BC.

Whistler is a town where lots of people come to discover themselves; what I have discovered is a community that encourages new ideas and rallies behind those who put themselves out there to make things happen.

The Spring Fling for MS is Sat. May 26 at 8 p.m. at the Westin Hotel & Spa Whistler. Get your tickets at eventbrite.ca and come out and enjoy Whistler's terrific community spirit. 

Jen Campbell 

New programs and services for veterans

Looking for a new career? Interested in career guidance? Need help getting on the right path for your post-military life? Check out our new and enhanced benefits and services for veterans!

From education and training, to well-being and financial support, Veterans Affairs Canada has you covered.

Do your career goals mean more education? The Education and Training Benefit can provide the funding you need to achieve your education and career goals. If you released since April 1, 2006 and served at least six years, you may be eligible for this benefit. Whether you are furthering your education journey or beginning a new one, this is the place to start!

A meaningful career is an important part of your well-being. The Career Transition Services program has been redesigned to support you the whole way: from career counselling and coaching, job search and resume building, all the way to interview preparation and job placement assistance.Are you a Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces who has been medically released within the last 120 days? Or do you have a health problem resulting from your military service that is making it difficult for you to adjust? You may qualify for rehabilitation services. Our purpose is to ensure that you improve your health to the fullest extent possible and adjust to life at home, in your community or at work.

And, access to the Veteran Family Program is now available across all Military Family Resource Centres.

We have also introduced the Caregiver Recognition Benefit, which provides a caregiver $1,000 a month, tax-free.

Applying for these benefits is easy. You can do it in just a few steps. Do you have a My VAC account? If not, you can register for one anytime.

You served your country with honour and are ready for what's next. Our mission, at Veterans Affairs Canada, is to support you and your family through the next phase of your life.

To learn more about these programs and how they may help you or your family, please visit veterans.gc.ca.

Michel Doiron
Assistant Deputy Minister, Service Delivery, Veterans Affairs Canada

Safely returned

I want to send my heartfelt thanks to the caring person that found and returned my purse.

I am sorry I was not home to thank you in person. Thank you for taking the time to return it to me shortly after you found it. It was such a relief to realize that my ID was not lost.Thank you very much.

Linda Jenkinson