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Letters to the editor for the week of March 7th


Wanted: their last memories together

A good mate of mine Matt Lorraway and his partner Rebecca Ware were visiting Whistler between Feb. 3 and 17, 2013 and stayed in Whistler village.

During their time there, Matty lost his GoPro (camera) on the mountain — likely somewhere near the top of the Creekside Gondola or on the green run down to the village from there.

It was reported lost and they also searched all the lost and found at the time with no luck. He desperately wants it back because (the night they arrived back in Australia) Bec was admitted to hospital. (She) was flown to Townsville Hospital, where she was then diagnosed with leukemia and died five days later due to complications.

They had been together for a couple of years and had both got the travel bug... they had many more adventure planned.

The GoPro itself has a touch screen back with a monster energy sticker. The footage on it is of Bec and Matty on the eco-tour ziptrek and of snowmobiling.

Matt would just love the footage back because it was the last footage he has of them together, and the last moments captured of their time together — who wouldn't?

We would just like to put it out to the world if anyone comes across it or has found it please, please, please call me at 0434948996.

All we are hoping for are the photos back, as they are irreplaceable and are their last memories together.

I have attached a few photos of Matty and Bec on holidays in Whistler, in case someone recognizes them on the SD card (go to www.piquenewsmagazine.com to view photos).

Please forward this on to as many notice boards as you can, or papers to get the word out. Please, please, please help, it would mean the world!

Amy McArthur

Walkerston, Australia

Thank-you Kathy Barnett

Kathy offered me my first bookkeeping jobs when I was in my early twenties. She recognized the potential and drive in me, and that's what I needed to get started down my career path. She encouraged and supported me to start the CGA program if I wanted to take my career in finance seriously, and I took her up on her suggestion and support. I looked up to Kathy; she was a woman entrepreneur and quickly became my mentor.

A decade later, I now work as Controller for a large company living in California with my husband and my son and have baby number two on the way.

Two weeks ago, I submitted my last assignment in order to complete both the CGA program and my H.B.Com. Wow, I think it's still setting in that I don't have to do homework or study for exams anymore and can finally go out and get a life!

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