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Letters to the Editor for the week of March 29th, 2012

Take responsibility


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It was quite amazing how our community and friends all pulled together and never gave up hope and were there to help. Some of the people that stand out, and there are many, are Kristie Broadbent from Bylaw — she helped with posters and never gave up and was very, very supportive, Steve LeClair and Jaquline Martin from the Whistler RCMP Detachment, who checked in with support and made sure Koda's picture was out to the other members and beyond, Heather Hamilton for getting the word out to the Municipal works yard staff and also helped put posters up, Laura Wetaski and Sherry Baker for getting the word out, Mountain FM for putting it on the radio several times, and Val Wong and Pascal from Le Gros for helping with posters and support. The list goes on from Darcy to Vancouver — everyone was on board.

We thank you all very, very much for helping to get Koda back home.

The Pantages Family


Hello Whistler dog parents

My name is Sophie. I am a big, white and black girl with long floppy brown ears, and a tail, which pretty much never stops wagging. People always tell me how pretty I am, and of course that's true. I absolutely love people, and I will try to lick as much of them as I can get to. The only thing is (and no offence intended) but I don't much like other dogs.

Well, I can get along okay with some of them, but not many. My mom never knows what I'll do when I meet another dog, (and neither do I) so she keeps me on my leash except when we are off in the back trails where I am not as likely to meet a fellow canine hiker. This is because she does not want your doggy pal to get nightmared by me.

So she and I would really appreciate if you could not let your off-leash dog come running and dashing up to me when I'm on my leash. This happens a lot and it freaks my mom out I can tell you! Even when she warns people by telling them I may fight, (I've never bitten anyone but it gets pretty scary) and asks them not to let their dog approach me, they often ignore her. Don't they know dogs are usually on a leash for a reason, and it's not me she worries about, but your dog.

Yesterday, right here on my own street, she shouted to another dog mom to come get her dog who was dashing towards me, and the other mom didn't do a thing — she even got all offended and said, "he's a nice dog, he won't do anything." My mom said a bad word under her breath.