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Letters to the Editor for the week of March 29th, 2012

Take responsibility


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During this long struggle our neighbourhood actually saved the taxpayers $400,000, which was the "legal fees" being paid to Mr. Silveri through a secret closed-door deal which, as we found out later, was meant to help pay for his new asphalt plant. So in my view the municipality actually only spent $200,000 over this debacle so far.

It truly is distressing when after all these facts are revealed someone has the nerve to say, "why don't you just move then?" After waiting eight years on the Whistler Housing Authority list and the possibility of losing my apparently non-refundable deposit, another muni/Whistler Development Corporation statement during the whole debacle, my wife and I decided to trust in the powers that be would have all of our best interests in mind. Unfortunately moving in was somewhat forced on us and now I find it highly unlikely that anyone could be duped into buying my home now.

I understand that this has been a contentious situation for both sides of the drama. As a resident of Cheakamus Crossing I can say honestly is that all I'm asking for is what I believed I was buying. I believed that the municipality's goal for our neighbourhood was that the council would find a way to make our neighbourhood a place that we can, like all of the rest of Whistler, enjoy fresh air to breathe any time I'd like. I hope that that any Whistler local, like Mike Roberts, could understand that all we want is what we were sold. A chance to enjoy Whistler from our own home isn't too much to ask.

Derek Maxheleau

Cheakamus Crossing

A big Community thanks

Stressful times bring out the best in our community.

Last Saturday, March 17, our new puppy Koda went missing from our driveway at about 11:00 a.m. We searched high and low — she had just vanished. Several people came over to help look and we contacted everyone we knew and got the word out as fast as we could. Still nothing. We never gave up hope.

We went viral with Koda's information. We hit Mountain FM (radio), Global TV, Craigslist, put up posters from Darcy to Vancouver, and hit all our email contacts, and they hit all their contacts and so on, it really did go viral. Every one helped in getting her back with us one week later.