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Letters to the Editor for the week of March 29th, 2012

Take responsibility


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The operating room costs of replacing Dr. McConkey are small in relation to the positive economic impact it will have for patients in the corridor whose livelihood depends on physical activity. To maintain a robust LOCAL orthopedic surgery service, Dr. McConkey must be replaced by a second LOCAL orthopedic surgeon to join Dr. Brooks- Hill.

Bruce Mohr, MD, Chief of Medical Staff,

Whistler Health Care Centre

Orthopedic surgeon must be replaced

I am deeply concerned after reading the article by John French last week (Pique March 15) re: Dr. Pat McConkey's Retirement.

Dr. McConkey has had a profound effect on the residents of the Sea to Sky corridor, not only providing excellent surgical repairs of knees, but also running clinics twice weekly within our community. It is simply unacceptable to not replace his position as he retires.

We continue to be a growing community full of very active, and subsequently injured people, and to have only one local orthopedic surgeon is nothing short of scary. Having multiple surgeons drive up less frequently from Vancouver to see and operate on patients less consistently will inevitably affect the consistency of care and should simply not be an option.

We need to have Dr. McConkey's position replaced by one surgeon as he retires or a huge hole will be left in our already burdened health care system.

Maggie Phillips-Scarlett, Physiotherapist and Strength & Conditioning Coach


Orthopedics in Sea to Sky region unique

I hope that Dr. (John) Maynard and his colleagues at Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) realize the uniqueness of the Sea to Sky corridor as it relates to orthopedic health care and have our best interests in mind.  

The corridor has a young (and young-at-heart) active population that results in more than our share of accidents. Having had the good fortune to be repaired by both Dr. (Pat) McConkey (ACL) and Dr. (Alix) Brooks-Hill (rotator cuff), I can safely say my level of care was second to none.  

It would be sad to see VCH make decisions that would negatively impact our great local care by creating longer wait times, more trips to Vancouver and overloading our existing health care providers.

Lee Harrison


There is still plenty of wilderness

A writer last week (Pique March 22) felt that the Spearhead Range should not have the three proposed mountain huts built, citing that it was wilderness and should not be developed, and that it may contribute to accidents.

I would like to point out that the Spearhead Range is hardly wilderness anymore, and yes, it is dangerous whether there are huts or not. Just over the back from Whistler or Blackcomb, the Spearhead and Fitzsimmons Ranges have become accessible backcountry, near-country, or slack-country. Like it or leave it.