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Letters to the editor for the week of March 28th

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Staying alive

This very grateful skier would like to thank all the people involved in saving my life on Tuesday March 19, 2013.

It was my second run of that awesome, powder day when a ski pre-released on me and I crashed my ribs into a frozen chunk of snow in the trees below Franz's Meadow. Luckily, I was skiing with a buddy and patrol was quick to respond and get me oxygen quickly.

With four fractured ribs, a punctured, collapsed and filling lung and a torn spleen, only timeliness and expertise allowed my survival.

I remember a few of the names of attending patrols and physicians (seven at one point, I was told) but there were probably at least 25 people involved when you include folks like dispatch, paramedics, doctors, nurses, and technicians.

When they got me to Whistler Health Care Centre a doctor there stuck a tube into my chest to drain the fluids and help expand my collapsed lung. I was stabilized and transported to Lion's Gate Hospital where the staff kept me stable and monitored.

I could have easily died if the whole thing hadn't gone so smoothly. I've had time to think about it and it's really a miraculous and fantastic system that's in place and it's comprised of amazingly gifted and trained people.

I am truly a lucky guy to have made it and literally owe my life to all of these great people.

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you everyone!

Jim Barrigan


Thank-you Mr. Rohda!

I think that I can say that I speak on behalf of a great many of the Whistler/Sea to Sky not-for-profits in thanking Rod Rohda for his dedicated leadership of the American Friends of Whistler (AFOW) over the last seven years.

I for one will miss his quiet philanthropy and continual work to raise funds and awareness among the generous American members of our community. The AFOW has been so very generous to us and Rod and his wonderful wife Laurie have led the way.

Following the untimely death of Jeff Harbors, the co-founder of AFOW, Rod stepped up to take over the presidency and has been dealing with the many funding requests until this year. So many groups in this community have been the recipients of the AWOF's generosity — The Whistler Public Library, Whistler Search and Rescue, Community Services, WASP, Bear Aware, WORCA and, just recently, the Walk Safe Program to name a few.

I am happy to hear that Rod will remain on the Board when Gary Raymond, the new president ,takes over. Gary is well known in our community and will ensure the continued presence and success of the AFOW.

Once again, thank-you Rod for all that have done and continue to do for our community, your second home. I am so glad that you chose Whistler!