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Letters to the Editor for the week of March 22nd, 2012

Our orthopaedic future is in good hands


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Does that about sum it all up? Hahaha, it is crazy when I see it in writing. What the hell does that dirty asphalt plant owner think he's doing continuing to operate his successful business that not only employs a bunch of well-paid people butalso contributes a gigantic amount to the economy? Ah, to be so privileged to have such first-world problems. I feel nothing for the residents of that neighbourhood but my patience for the amount you guys are blowing away is wearing thin. You don't like it, move, and if that sounds like a crazy request remember you are asking the same of the business that's been there long before your names were on the subsidized housing list.

Here's a good way to spend the next $600,000... build a giant neighbourhood fan.

Mike Roberts


So shines a good deed in a weary world

Alphonse (Allan Kolb) knew the secret of life. Many of his good deeds will go unnoticed and some will remain a mystery.

I will remember him as a legend, hero and a saint. I wish anyone could have stood in his shoes for a moment let alone walk a mile in them. The soft, quiet power of Al could be felt from a distance. The expression he used — 10-Zowee — meant not only "Hello" and "Goodbye" but also "I feel good and I understand."

Al had a long, hard journey to get to the top. His success can be measured in his friends' tears. The path he leaves behind is easy to follow, instead of "take care everyone," "Give care to everyone!"

10-Zowee buddy and thank-you.

A teary eyed Bill Duff


RIP: The Zowie Man

It was with great shock and much sadness that I learned one snowy Whistler evening of my old friend Al Kolb's passing. Alphonse was a fixture in this town, having lived here apparently forever, and working these many years in a most visible vocation.

I got to know Al when we drove taxi together in Whistler's golden era. We were young and it was the Wild West and the town's bright future was full of undiscovered potential. Alphonse had already lived here for many years by that time and he provided a great example to those of us who arrived starry-eyed in the late '80s and early '90s. He was a mentor to the second generation of aspiring ski bums and a benefactor for many homeless orphans who needed temporary digs.