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Letters to the editor for the week of March 14th


KBLL raises $21,000

The third annual Kathy Barnett Leadership Luncheon was held this year on International Women's Day. This year's event at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler had our biggest attendance ever and continued to build on the successes of the last two years.

Over $21,000 was raised for the Kathy Barnett Memorial Fund, which is administered by the Community Foundation of Whistler. Because of the successes of this event over the last two years, four grants were awarded and presented this year to deserving women in the corridor who will use those funds to add to their education and experience, and bring this back to contribute to their communities.

The Kathy Barnett Leader Luncheon, with this year's theme of "Mentoring Leaders of the Future," achieved these successes because of a hard-working and dedicated committee, corporate and personal sponsors who support the values and recognize the importance of this event's contribution to the community, our enthusiastic and committed keynote speakers, the 20 mentors who were recruited and who have volunteered to share their knowledge and experience recognizing the value of "paying it forward," the Fairmont whose management and staff provided the expertise, professionalism, venue and staff, our many enthusiastic volunteers, many of them volunteering for the third year in a row, and of course to all of our attendees.

A huge thank you to all of these individuals does not seem adequate, as this wonderful event that honours Kathy's leadership, her values and her community support, and strives to follow the lead that she set, would not have been possible.

Thank you to all, we are already looking forward to next year's event.

Deborah Smythe, Nicole Shannon

KBLL Event Chairs

Smart, strategic leaders needed

I have no doubt that the BC New Democrats will soon release the traditional platform that political parties issue in glossy detail full of planks and promises (Where is the NDP Platform? Pique March 6, 2013). When I ran successfully in Alberta in 1986 our "Making it Happen" platform came out on the day the writ was dropped.

However, I was surprised then, and am increasingly now, by how little difference "platforms" make in voters' decision making, let alone in actual governing by the winning party. Dave Barrett's 1972 NDP platform did not contain plans for "resort municipalities" that gave birth to Whistler. Nor did Gordon Campbell's carbon tax figure in any Liberal platform (except for Stefan Dion). None of us heard Obama and the Democrats talk about gun control in their platform last fall — it was only after Sandy Hook in December.

They remain useful documents and exercises for the body politic. But I'm beginning to think of them like static strategic plans, when what we need is dynamic strategic thinking.