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Letters to the Editor for the week of June 7th, 2012

Community voices heard


It was with great pleasure and a sense of satisfaction that I read in the press release from Vancouver Coastal Health that orthopedic services in the Sea to Sky corridor will be expanded.

For many months following the announcement that Dr. Pat McConkey planned to retire early this year, members of the three Health Care Foundation boards, under the leadership of their Triboard committee, embarked on a campaign of lobbying and fundraising to do what they could to ensure much needed orthopedic services for the corridor would not be compromised.

Funds raised at the different Foundation events were designated for purchasing equipment necessary to expand the orthopedic surgical program.

Raising awareness within the corridor communities of the need for expanded services was also a goal of the Triboard.

Our voices joined those of the health care professionals, politicians and other stakeholders in making our needs known to the VCH administration. It is gratifying to know our voices were heard and that positive action has followed.

Thank you to VCH for listening and finding a way to meet our requests.

We look forward to "more seamless, timely and quality orthopedic care that will fit the needs of Sea to Sky residents and visitors," as promised by Wendy Hansson, Chief Operating Officer VCH-Coastal in the recent press release.

Marnie Simon, Chairperson Sea to Sky Health Care Foundations' Triboard


It takes a community!

With the 2012 Whistler Secondary Graduation Festivities drawing to a close, many of us are looking forward to the next chapter in our young adult's life.

The saying that our son's grandmother often used — it takes a community to raise a child — rings loud and clear to us at this time. On behalf of many parents that are celebrating their young adult's passage from high school to the next step in their life, I'd like to thank our wonderful community.

Thank you to our health care experts that guided us through 3:00 a.m. emergency room visits, broken bones and sore throats, to our neighbours that scolded our children for not watching for cars, to the loving child care heroes that have allowed parents to work outside the home, to the ski instructors that taught our children to be stronger skiers than us by age five, and then by 10 taught them compassion and consideration, and where the safest place to wait for us was (Denis and Norm, that's you!), to the Kindergarten teachers that taught them that the world does NOT revolve around them, to the amazing Science, English and French teachers that encouraged and believed in them, to the music, dance and art teachers that continue to inspire and motivate, to Michael Allen for teaching them to be so bear wise, to our school administrators that have shown our children patience and respect, to the employers that take a risk in hiring our children then teach them to be good employees, to the businesses that donate thousands of scholarship dollars and continue donating for our children's benefit, and lastly to the community sport organizations, that with mostly volunteer administrators and coaches work tirelessly to develop well rounded and often world-class athletes.

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