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Letters to the editor for the week of June 27th


Save helipad to save lives

It seems to make no sense to lose such a vital resource because signs and signals were not followed. We live in a town with a higher than normal percentage of residents and visitors participating on a daily basis in activities that could cause serious bodily harm. We advertise these activities to generate revenue to support the existence of this town so I feel it is also our duty by the same measure to support the continued existence of the helipad.

As I think about this issue and those visitors I come to the conclusion that most of the people disobeying the pedestrian and vehicle traffic signals probably don't realize the importance behind such signals and why disobeying them could cost lives. Think of how many visitors come through our town each day, how many of those people do you think have a helipad in their neighbourhood? I've seen the new signs at the crosswalk at Lorimer Road and Blackcomb Way indicating that there will be fines for J-walking, but as a letter mentioned last week, if you don't enforce these laws no one will care. But more importantly these signs do nothing to tell of the life-saving importance depending on our ability to follow those instructions.

It would seem to me to make more sense to explain to people why following the rules, in this case, is so important. The signs at the intersections are good but they obviously aren't enough. We need to make it clear to those who live here and those who come and go each day that the health of their loved ones could rest in their ability to follow the rules. Village beautification aside, this issue needs to be put straight in our face with signs in front of the helipad (facing both streets) informing people of the safety risks. A simple sign that says to the effect of: "For safety reasons traffic and pedestrian rules must be obeyed when helipad in use — a life is at stake". OK, maybe that last part is too much but at least then people would know why it's so important to follow the rules. You can't expect someone who is looking at the scenery, new to a town, with no idea of where they are going to also understand that not turning right on a red or not crossing when there is no crosswalk sign could save a life. Make it obvious; it's not worth going through losing the helipad to find out how much we need it.

Vanessa Pocock


No respect for efforts

RE: Council and plastic bag reduction

On June 18 an authentic group of very experienced and community-involved business people presented to council with regards to a ban on single-use plastic bags within Whistler. After many months and personal hours of meetings with representatives from AWARE, RMOW and various local businesses a presentation was made to council. The disrespect shown to this presentation was overt and palpable. It was uncalled for and embarrassing. The incredible commitment to our community by owners, managers and staff of these businesses was swept aside and dismissed.

The group was intent on working with the municipality on finding a solution that does indeed reduce the use of the bags and allows for Whistler's very important business of tourism with regards to attracting and retaining visitors and the guest experience.

My condolences that anyone was made to feel that their efforts were less than sincere and concerned with the greater good of partners working together.

The Upper Village Market will also continue to work with Resort partners and follow the leads of the partners with a considerable wealth of knowledge and experience. We wish for continued work towards a palatable resolution that takes into consideration all of our global goals of reducing pressure on the environment.

Tanya Goertzen

Upper Village Market