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Letters to the editor for the week of June 26th

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We can all pitch in!

In response to last week's article, "Adopt-a-Highway back in action in Whistler" (Pique June 19), it is of course... wonderful news. But a quick reminder to Whistlerites — anyone, not just participants in this program, can get out and pick up litter and make our little slice of paradise that much nicer.

It doesn't have to be only on an annual organized basis!

Walking the dog? Strolling with the kids? Bring along a bag and pitch in!

I propose a contest between neighbourhoods. Which can be the most litter free?

My bets are on Alpine — care to prove me wrong?

Kate Turner


We all need to save the bears

I was very upset to read about another bear killing in our community (Pique June 19). It stated that the young bear had learned to access homes from his mother. I am just curious though (as the story states) the mother and her three cubs were relocated to Chance Creek in 2012.

So before these bears made it back up to Whistler, they would have had to come through, or near, the developments of Pinecrest Estates (where there are 75 homes) and Black Tusk Village (where there are 96 homes).

And yet we never had one incident in regards to bear problems. We are fortunate to see the bears living in their natural environment when we are out walking, hiking and biking.

However, they have not caused any problems in and around our homes.

So wake up people. Once again, this isn't a bear issue, it's a people issue. Clean up your act folks, I'm getting really tired of reading about bears being killed. As Sylvia Dolson says, the intuitive knowledge in our hearts allows us to know bears as gentle and magnificent beings.

Only if we understand can we care. Only if we care will we help. Only if we help shall all be saved as Jane Goodall said.

Please help save the bears!

Bobbi Sandkuhl


Voting green is valuable

I read the latest G. D. Maxwell column (Maxed Out, Pique June 19) and enjoyed it, as I often do. How to fit on only one page the amount of things that are wrong with the current governments?

I especially liked the parrot dig. Remember, however, that parrots come in blue, red, and also orange.

The one thing I disagreed with is the comment that a vote for green is a vote for blue. Although there are green parrots, the policies they stand for seem closer in line with a large percentage of the fed-up people I have talked to, and the opinions I have read over the years on the last page.