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Letters to the editor for the week of January 3rd

Personal groomers


It is always a thrill for me to see Whistler improve the experience for locals and visitors alike.

What has moved me to pen the following is a result of feeling like I have gained the status of having personal groomers. No, I do not have a pet — no one buffs my nails although I am in constant need of overall buffing.

 My personal groomers are the ones we as skiers, downhill, XC and boarders seem to take for granted. I am referring to the men and woman who, given a workable snowbase can, using the capabilities of state-of-the-art snow grooming equipment and often many years of honed skills, produce endless acres and kilometres of seamless corduroy. The constant superior product that these professionals put on display at their respective venues every day is too often overlooked.

Year by year Whistler Blackcomb has expanded and improved the grooming and the start to this season is no exception.  First tracks on top to bottom runs of corduroy covered by any number of centimetres of fresh, light powder this past month gives one the feeling that "YES!" my personal groomer has indeed my preference dialed in. Maybe you share a similar preference.

Peak to Creek "buffed and then powdered" Priceless! Notwithstanding Powder's picks.

The RMOW has also upped the standard of grooming in Lost Lake Park this season by pushing the trail widths to the maximum to better accommodate the classic tracks and the skate lane. Once the snow began to fall in earnest the municipal crews were busy preparing for the XC opening and it shows. Again I have been most fortuitous as I have on a number of occasions so far this season had the skate track in front of me undulating with fine unblemished corduroy. In other words I was left feeling like I do have a "personal groomer."

It is also very gratifying to see that virtually every biking and hiking trail in Lost Lake Park is being utilized by the snowshoe set.

Thank you groomers all for making me feel, and I am sure countless others feel that they have a personal groomer making their day on the snow in Whistler simply brilliant!

 Tom Thomson


How the best run of my life turned into the worst run of my life

I'm writing this letter at the request of one of my guardian angels and to hopefully save someone else's life just like they saved mine.

My name is Kenny Talpa, and I'm a 32-year-old physical education teacher from Calgary, AB. Contemplating a career change, I decided to take a year off work and spend as much time as I could doing what I love the most...snowboarding! On December 22, 2012 I took my 25th ride of the season, but little did I know that it might be my last.