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Letters to the Editor for the week of Jan 26th, 2012

A Scary Wake Up Call!


My eyes were heavy. I was thinking about the great day I was going to have on the hill. BANG! I wake up but I'm not in my bed! I'm behind the wheel of my car! I had fallen asleep at the wheel and hit a concrete barrier on the Sea to Sky Highway!

I want to apologize to everyone for being an incredibly irresponsible person for not pulling over and taking a nap (which I've done in the past) when the warning signs were there, which could have changed the outcome of my trip to Whistler that day.

I got off with a slap on the wrist and a car that was a write-off. What if I'd gone off an embankment, hit a rock wall or worse, hurt or killed someone in another vehicle! Could you live with yourself knowing you'd caused harm to someone because you didn't do the responsible thing and pull over and rest? I couldn't.

By sharing my story I hope to avoid other potential accidents on the roads that can be prevented if we heed the warning signs, and do the right thing and pull over. It's not worth the risk. When your body is tired it will shut down no matter how much caffeine or energy drinks you put into it, or how many times you wind down the window — and who knows what the outcome will be when you open your eyes or not — if you're dead! Many of us have taken the risk and been lucky. Next time please do the right thing and don't take that chance. It's not worth it!

Luke Brandon, one lucky guy who's been given a second chance!


Swap out the sleds for X Fest?

Bringing the X-Games to Whistler looks like a great fit for both our town and for the X-Games. It is a good way to capitalize on our Olympic effort and success, and fits in with what feedback most of us have heard on the OCP and Tourism Whistler efforts.

There seems to be within the proposal, however, a conundrum that will need some creative effort. The X-Games has included a snowmobile competition. In the hundreds of man hours of community consultative effort in setting up the Whistler Olympic Park, and the many months of discussion over motorized and non motorized recreation which proceeded them it was firmly established that the WOP would be in the Section 58 non motorized lands of the Callaghan Valley. The section 58 restriction would not allow any of the snowmobile events proposed, and there is nothing in the WOP lease that would allow that aspect of the games to be held there.