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Letters to the Editor for the week of Feb 2nd, 2012

Liquor survey needs input


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Where was the funding announcement for that? Instead we learned that four fish farms have been granted $800,000 to build landlocked tanks.

Julie Malcolm


Food Bank says thanks

In December the Whistler Community Services Society Food Bank launched a new fundraiser called Dine and Donate. Participating restaurants and cafes were given materials that allowed them to remind patrons of the food bank's need in the community, and provide customers with an opportunity to donate while they dine. A lot of businesses helped out and made this fundraiser a success.

We would like to thank Whistler Printing for working with us to supply the necessary materials, Amelie from Calypso Design for creating them, and Vincor and Aura Restaurant, who contributed prizes to the cause that we used as an incentive for servers and cashiers to speak with their customers about the program. We would like to thank and congratulate Gail Steele from Roland's Pub. She blew the other servers away with the number of donations she received for the Food Bank.

Of course, for this program to succeed we needed restaurants and cafes to participate. Thanks to Roland's Pub, BBQ Bob's, Samarai Sushi, Doc Branigan's, Tandoori Grill, La Bocca, Crepe Montagne, Fifty-Two 80 Bistro and Lounge, and Sidecut for participating.

Though we made a little less than we would have hoped, we did still make just over $1,300, which will purchased a lot of food. Fifty-Two 80, Sidecut, and Doc Branigan's have decided to keep the program going, and help support the Food Bank over a longer period.

If other restaurants or cafes would like to help raise funds for the Whistler Food Bank please call the Food Bank Coordinator at 604-935-7717 or email foodbank@mywcss.org to learn about the Dine and Donate program and other possibilities.

Sara Jennings,

Whistler Community Services Society,

Food Bank Coordinator