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Letters to the Editor for the week of Feb 2nd, 2012

Liquor survey needs input


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Instead of taking into the account just the increase in the number of retirees one has to take into the account the growth of GDP, inflation, growth of productivity etc. Just compare this with ballpark figures from 1986 to today. OAS payments in 1986 cca $13 billion, Canada GDP cca $500 billion, OAS as the percentage of GDP 2.26. OAS payments in 2010 cca $36 billion (this is before claw-back), Canada GDP cca $1.6 trillion, OAS as the percentage of GDP 2.25. Nominal OAS increase was 175 per cent, real zilch. Mulroney was the prime minister in '80s and he tried to pull a similar stunt to de-index pensions but was smart enough to back off.

To our Twitter generation, which usually does not vote or care about anything, I would suggest studying history and learning from it, so that one day they would not have to say: "They came for striking unions, then they came for the sick, then they came for the seniors, then they came for the environmentalists, then they finally came for the middle class and then one day I was a member of one of these groups and they came for me as I did not speak out."

Do we need a pension reform? Definitively. But first everybody in Canada needs to participate in a long discussion and come up with better alternatives, and then Mr. Harper can put his solutions in the election platform and if he wins, I will applaud him.

Drago Arh


Enbridge Solution?

Canada currently imports 930,000 barrels of oil a day. The goal of the Enbridge pipeline is to export 525,000 a day to China. Confused? It gets better — Russia loses the equivalent of a "Deep water horizon spill" (4.9 million barrels) every two months!

My solution: Stop importing the stuff Canada!

There is no need to build the pipeline after all — see solution above.

China needs jobs, and oil, so why doesn't Russia let them come and fix all the leaks, and then China can receive 4.9 million barrels from them every two months as a thank you.

John BuchananSquamish

Where was the funding announcement?

The intent of my letter was not to denigrate the good work of the Fisheries Roundtable (Pique Jan.19, 2012). My letter was written to condemn the marketeering "newspeak" used by the Fish Farmers Association, and through frustration at the DFO minister's lack of response to the Cohen Inquiry's discovery of positive lab test results for an essentially man-made virus that infects wild salmon.