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Letters to the Editor for the week of Feb 2nd, 2012

Liquor survey needs input


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Yet unlike Mr. Brandon I didn't get off with a slap on the wrist. I was served with a ticket for "driving with undue care."

Don't get me wrong. I truly am grateful that I didn't kill anyone else or myself, but I'm fed up with getting punished for telling the truth.

It's a sad commentary when others tell me I should have blatantly lied by stating a deer darted into my path, or that I suffered an allergic reaction and had a sneezing fit.

For heaven's sake, I was wearing my seat belt, which saved me, had not a drop of alcohol in me, and was adhering to the speed limit. So where's the undue care?

I've filed a dispute of this ticket and, if unsuccessful, I may be kicked off the road for good, all due to an extraordinary physical event, which has never happened to me before. I'm sorry for the sudden snooze, but do I deserve this kind of justice?

Steve Cormier


Vote needed on Pension Reform

There seems to be a special virus going around occasionally afflicting some Canadian politicians. Our ex-Mayor (Ken) Melamed had it, our ex-Premier (Gordon) Campbell suffered from it, and now our P.M. (Stephen) Harper caught that bug in Switzerland. At the Davos Economic Forum he announced that he would cut future Old Age Security (OAS) benefits of Canadians. The symptoms are hallucinations and the belief that one can spring on voters some drastic agenda items even if such items were not in the election platform.

So Mr. Harper wants to start dismantling our excellent security net? Should I and other people my age be worried? My current OAS pension is not going to be affected, he says. Can we believe him? Maybe, sometime in the future, if push comes to shove, he is going to cut these benefits to everybody in order to pay for expensive fighter jets, so we can attack and bomb small countries that have done nothing to us, and that we can have more jails to put more people into them. My only hope is that in 10 years we, the seniors, will be a significant political force and maybe we will vote the Conservatives into oblivion if they follow the course, that according to one TV commentator, makes the right-wing of the U.S. Republican party look like boy scouts. Mr. Harper would do well to remember (Brian) Mulroney and the fate of Progressive Conservative Party.

He justifies that the payments for OAS will become unsustainable, as they will increase from the current $36 billion to around $105 billion in 2035. (That is an) enormous amount that, at the first glance, can scare a lot of people to believe that Harper may be right. This is nearly a 200 per cent increase. But statistics are what someone wants you to believe.