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Letters to the editor for the week of August 1st

Grateful for a lively plaza

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Grateful for a lively plaza

I would like to take a moment to thank our municipality for the lovely concerts and the playground they provide at Olympic Plaza. The music selection is always tasteful and enjoyable to almost all listeners, and the playgrounds provide a great spot for locals and tourists alike to bring their children to play.

The VSO concerts were world class and simply amazing!

The fact that I read in (The Question July 25) paper that a woman living in a condo, in the main village thinks that she should be compensated for the noise shocks me. Her point that the Plaza was not there in 1999 seems moot to me.

Mrs. Gloria Dommer bought a condo in a resort community known for its lively atmosphere and entertainment. If she has wanted tranquility and quiet then perhaps Emerald would have been a better choice. Also, the 10 p.m. "noise curfew" was in place then as it is now, therefore the municipality is simply following its own rules that she should have made herself aware of.

It seems strange to me that a person could find a child's laughter, the VSO or the music of great bands offensive. Maybe giving thanks for living in such an amazing town with so much on offer should instead be what is on her mind. But instead a demand for compensation?

As a taxpayer in this town I would be furious if she received anything other than a laugh from the municipality.

If late-night noise from bar patrons is a concern for her then it is not a new one. Welcome to Whistler. People like to have fun here and they have been doing so for many years before 1999 when you bought the condo.

The RCMP is available. Call them. Or better yet, you could sell the condo that you bought in 1999 for a huge profit to someone who would covet its location near to our greatest treasure from the Olympics.

Kirsten Reinholz


Don't leave your pets in the car

This letter comes as a response to multiple things: 1) A news article posted in Pique last week (July 25) titled "dog taken from car by police." 2) A video I saw for the first time just a week ago. 3) The number of times I have seen dogs left inside vehicles this summer.

I have two dogs myself and boy do they keep me busy. I work as well, so when I am off I like to bring my dogs with me for car rides or quick stops at places. But after seeing a video on YouTube a week ago I must admit that I had no clue how harmful it actually is.

Since then I have stopped bringing my dogs along for trips unless it's to the dog park or somewhere to go for a walk. I urge everyone to watch this video, it is an experiment performed by a veterinarian. He sits inside of a parked vehicle on a breezy day with the windows rolled down a bit. He sits in the car for 30 minutes, and the distress he goes through is tremendous.

This being a human who has the capability to understand the situation, control the way he is acting, and most importantly sweat. Yes, dogs are not capable of sweating or releasing body heat like we do.

When I see a dog left inside a vehicle now I can't help but cringe and hope that owner is just stopping for a minute or two, but too often I end up seeing the dog there still much later.

Rolling the windows down does not do nearly as much as you think it does. Parking in the shade barely helps. And leaving water is not a reasonable.

You don't have to agree with my opinions but please for doggies' sakes watch this video! It's only five minutes long, and I learned a lot from it. 


Samantha Kelly