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Letters to the editor for the week of April 18th


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Kalee Eder


Poo parade, Part II

My dog Coho and I love walking the valley trails in search of adventure and fun. Last year we decided to put a positive spin on the unfortunate situation of the inevitable dog leavings that surface at this time of year.

Rather than writing a frustrated letter, Coho and I will be doing our duty (heehee) walking the valley trail systems from Alpine to Creekside on Saturday, April 20th with a wheelbarrow and shovel picking up any doggie poo that is neglected.

Last year we recovered over 300 piles that went to the proper landfill, rather than our creeks, streams and lakes.

I invite anyone who is interested in supporting/sponsoring this to contact me at geoffolsson@hotmail.com. My hope is that an individual or organization will put a 1$ per scoop towards a donation to WAG.

I would like to thank Geoff Garhart and Whistler Blackcomb for assisting with this cause last year by donating time and resources to aid in the cleanup.

Happy Trails.

Geoff Olsson


Preserving our 'gem'

"You don't know what you've got 'til its gone," as the song goes... the old trail winds up above the Pemberton Creek... sun shining on the moss-covered rock and then the impressive waterfall appears through the woods... still the same feelings tho' its been a while since this "old timer" has been there.

It only took a little over half-an-hour to get there from the gate... plenty of time to sit on a log to contemplate the lovely surroundings ... lots of trails now in the area being enjoyed by hikers and bikers alike and we also ran into a local family with young kids... it's so close to home, just above the Village and no railroad tracks to cross either.

Come out to the meeting on April 25 (Pemberton Creek Water License and Community Power Project info Session at Signal Hill School at 7 p.m.) and make your views known if you want to preserve this "gem" for our future enjoyment...the power will still be there if we really need it in five or 10 years, or whatever.

Jan Naylor


Opposed to river diversion

I live in Pemberton, B.C. and oppose Creek Power Inc.'s proposed UpperLillooet River diversion project. This joint venture between Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. and Ledcor involves building two hydroelectric facilities, including one at our iconic Key Hole Falls, and a 72-km transmission line along Pemberton Valley.

I was one of the 200 locals who attended the March 18 public meeting on river diversion projects, which was organized by local residents. Gwen Barlee, Policy Director of the Wilderness Committee, and Dr. Craig Orr, Executive Director of Watershed Watch Salmon Society, provided detailed information about the environmental and financial impacts of river diversion projects.

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