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What’s the hurry?


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Proposed solutions:

1) A solid, professionally reviewed and approved (by conservation officers or bear researchers) bear/garbage management plan should be in place before further festival approvals.

2) Live Nation should be required to provide education and awareness marketing/promotional tools around garbage and bear management.

3) Garbage/recycle bins should be everywhere in future festivals.

4) A massive cleanup crew, the same size as the set up crew if need be, should be employed to clean up the festival, parking, camping, and surrounding areas of garbage within two days of the festival close.

5) Live Nation should agree, in contract, to an independent review and enforcement of their efforts and steep fines for management plan violation.

6) Integrated accountability should be built into the plan; Live Nation should ultimately be held most responsible, but the Village of Pemberton and the SLRD should also be accountable in ensuring the plan is reasonable, acted upon, and enforced.

By adopting these solutions, a start will be made towards our village and corridor taking full pride in welcoming the world to our little environmental utopia, and in showing the world that we respect our bears/wildlife and human safety.

Ali Ome


Lazy campers spoil it for all

I went up to Levette Lake on Sunday, Aug. 17th to find a campground had been completely deserted by teens after they had camped there the night before. The neighbouring campers told me they had just up and left all of their trash behind. There were frying pans with food in them, underwear, cases and cases of empties, toilet tissue scattered all over the site, beer cans and bottles in and around the lake, burnt chairs and tents etc.  It was heart breaking.

The girls camping next to them had written down all the licence plates they could get but I am not sure if they reported to conservation officers, who are eager to hear from them.

After work Monday I drove up there with two friends in tow and gathered up all the remnants. It filled the back of my pickup truck. What a shame.

We dropped it all off at the landfill site as it is conveniently located on the same road!

I was very disturbed by the laziness and irresponsibility of these young campers and shocked that not one of them had the integrity to say something to the rest of the group about cleaning up. Sad and true, it must end so the rest of us don't lose the privilege of using these beautiful lakes.

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