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What’s the hurry?


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Talk about a bizarre council experience. Not one person in that room wanted the transit facility built on the wetlands in question. Not the presenter, none of council and definitely no one that spoke from the audience, and yet the process gets the OK to continue to work towards filling in the wetlands to build the Whistler component of the hydrogen highway.

Council openly discusses the importance it puts into conserving wetlands and recognizes the essential values of saving ecosystems. The spokesperson for B.C. Transit discusses in great length how they had hoped to build anywhere else but on these particular wetlands. Even the questionable nature of hydrogen as a fuel for the future is recognized by all in the room.

So how is it twisted to a point that a decision was reached approving it?

You will have to ask Whistler Council that question, because I sure as hell don't know, and I was there.

John Buchanan


The otter test at Nesters Pond

There really wasn’t much we could do to save the wetlands at Nesters, since B.C. Transit and B.C. Hydro are exempt from the RMOW’s zoning laws. At last night’s council meeting what really struck me as absurd were:

• The president of B.C. Transit told council that he was made aware of the property by municipal staff. Hmmmm.

• The mayor was not aware that a press release had gone out last week stating that “..the municipality supports the decision..,” it was obviously municipal staff who supported this decision. It was apparent from last night’s council meeting that several councillors were not aware that they had publically supported this.

• The mayor asked staff to be in on the mitigation during this construction. Staff, the very people who made B.C. Transit aware and “supported” this paving of the wetland, are going to be the very people who are going to monitor it. This doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. In my opinion, the reality of the monitoring will be if the otters that have “wintered” in Nesters Pond for five years continue to come back.

B.C. Transit will be holding an open house for the community, please come out and make your opinions known. This will be the only time we, the community, get to talk to B.C. Transit directly.

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