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Our farming residents in the Agricultural Advisory Committee and the community as a whole, have impressed on Live Nation how important the good management and stewardship of the festival land is. I am happy to report that the clean up and maintenance of the land has been exemplary so far.

The economic benefit to Pemberton farmers and their land has so far been nothing short of amazing. Our farming community is struggling to export their seed potatoes due to the Canadian/U.S exchange rate, rising fuel prices, equipment and feed costs , to name but a few factors.

It is the task of the Chamber of Commerce to promote local business. The farming community require our help. We worked hard side by side with Live Nation to make this world class event happen right here. The festival gave the farmers not only the chance to sell their goods locally but also to promote the wonderful produce we grow here on this precious land. It was a massive success and can continue to be so.

I attended a meeting in Whistler last week where I heard Whistler executives, restaurateurs and members of the community pledging to purchase more local produce from the Pemberton area. I listened as Live Nation shared with the audience, the fact that local food was the most successful of all food sold at the festival. This was followed by their commitment towards the goal and vision of feeding 40,0000 people for three days with all locally grown produce. I can also confirm we now have interest for a food processing plant to open up here.

I submit to you that none of this would have happened without the Pemberton Music Festival.

In conclusion I would like to extend a warm invitation to the A.L.C. to work with the people of Pemberton to reach our dream of feeding 40,000 people from our local farms and to continue to make the festival grounds a part of that food production. This would ensure that our A.L.C lands are put to good use and protected for future generations.

I further submit that with your assistance, we can have our cake and we can eat it.

Paul Selina

President, Pemberton and District Chamber of Commerce

Witnessing a Whistler decision

Whistler council met Monday night to discuss among other things the new transit facility to be built on the wetlands in question, owned by B.C. Hydro lands.

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