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Re: the letter written by Paul Sutter regarding drivers sharing the road with cyclists.

I too am an avid cyclist and while I tend to ride more off road I do agree that drivers tend to cut it a little close on the highway. However, I think the responsibilities of the cyclist should also be outlined.

One day while taking the bus back to Pemberton there were a group of three road cyclists heading south, riding three abreast on the section of highway between Wedge and the helipad. Not a good idea! That section of highway is very narrow and winding. As there was a car heading southbound as well, our bus had to pull on to the shoulder to allow enough room for all to pass. What if there had been another group of cyclists on our side of the highway?

When the bus driver honked and signaled the riders to move over, they just flipped him off and laughed. I have seen this happen with mountain bikers as well, just so you know that I am not being one sided.

So here are some points to consider while cycling:

• Be aware of traffic on the road and realize that they may not be able to see you, especially around tight bends and in intersections;

• Check for traffic before you change positions in your peloton;

• Decide whether you are a cyclist or a pedestrian. Don't use pedestrian crossings as a convenient way of getting around traffic signals. This confuses the driver.

I think it is everyone's responsibility to keep the highway safe. We have to watch out for each other and use a little common sense.

As a side note, I have lived in the area for 10 years now and still don't understand why in-line skaters and scooters can wheel through the village while cyclists and skateboarders can't. Newsflash: Bikes have brakes!

Steve O'Shaughnessy


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