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Letter to the editor


I am writing this for several reasons. The first one is to make pet owners aware of the dangers of letting your dogs run loose. The second reason is to make fellow walkers, joggers and cyclists aware of the dangers you face each time you are enjoying yourselves outdoors.

On May 16 th , while walking along Hemlock Street in Pemberton, I was attacked by two dogs. The dogs were at one end of the street and I was walking towards the other end. I heard the dogs barking, turned around to see what was going on, and saw the dogs, one black, medium sized with a chain collar, the other black and brown, medium sized as well. I did not run and as they approached, I yelled at them to "go home" and "get away". They did not listen and started to growl and circle around me. As much as I tried, they would not leave me alone. They jumped up on me and started biting me. I screamed for help wondering where the owners were, but nobody came to help me. Finally about two minutes into the attack a car turned onto Hemlock Street and stopped to help me.

The result of the attack: a quarter-sized piece of flesh torn from my lower leg as well as a 2 cm gash. A quarter-sized piece torn from my upper right arm, as well as several bruises and teeth marks on other parts of my body where they attempted to bite me. Needless to say this is not what I had expected to happen when I left for my walk that morning.

After the attack many things ran through my mind. What if that car hadn't come along? Why didn't anyone come to help me? (I had said 'Good Morning' to many people along the way.) What if it had been a small child?

This is inappropriate in a town where leash laws exist. It is unfortunate that I will never be able to walk in my neighbourhood without being armed with mace or other protective items. That is, if I ever feel brave enough to go outside!

I am pleading with dog owners to please keep your dogs restrained. You do not know how they behave when you are not around! Please be responsible and do your part in protecting the safety of the community. Don't let what happened to me happen to someone else.

Jennifer Anthony Percy