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Letter to the editor


A Week long Art Experience

Exploitation is a word that comes to mind when Tourism Whistler and the Whistler Arts Council offer a week of exposure to artists of the Sea to Sky Corridor. June 2-7, 2001 Whistler plans to host such an event.

Millennium Place will offer workshops for a fee. The artists/instructors will receive a stipend based on numbers of students in their classes. Otherwise, there is a call out for artists to showcase their talents in the village. These artists will not be allowed to sell, only show, talk, demonstrate and hand out their cards. Sales of their work might diminish sales in Whistler shops! Artists cannot take in money. Why not ask our lawyers, dentists and architects to show the public how they create? Would this population of professionals give away their expertise for free, on the street?

To help artists is difficult. Perhaps our community would consider support by inviting artists to tender. Artists employ themselves. Artists create, from a very deep place, something that has meaning. To best help an artist we need to show some respect, to acknowledge their creativity and to give the artist the dignity they deserve. From there, the artist has the opportunity to be in business too. It is up to that artist to market his work if he so wishes. Stop treating artists like charity cases. We're not.

Janet Young