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Re: Daffodil Day

In Whistler on Sunday, April 1, 2001, over 50 energetic volunteers donated their time to sell daffodils in benefit of the Canadian Cancer Society. Their enthusiasm, dedication and positive spirit was unequalled by any charitable event I have co-ordinated.

I was overwhelmed by their commitment to the cause and by the incredible amount that was raised as a result of their efforts ($3,183.85). The team did such a good job that our daffodil supply ran dry early in the afternoon.

In particular, two young volunteers especially touched me. On their own initiative, these two Whistler boys decided to sell their chocolates to a few lucky targets on the Valley Trail and then came down to Nesters to contribute their profits to the Daffodil Fund. The two angels were Migel Tetreault and Yannick McKoy.

My heartfelt thanks goes to the Whistler community, Nesters, The Grocery Store, the IGA and all the dedicated volunteers who sold daffodils as well as all the volunteers who were ready and able but were not required due to the early daffodil sell-out.

Daffodil Day 2001 in Whistler was a great example of the positive spirit that can be found as a result of cancer.

Joanne Turner


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