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For those of you who do not know, a non-profit organization called campCARE ran a camp in Whistler from Feb. 24 th to the 27 th . campCARE brings 25 underprivileged children to Whistler from different areas in B.C. Once in Whistler the organization has volunteer pro-snowboarders that teach the children how to snowboard on Whistler and Blackcomb. Since the learning curve in snowboarding is quite quick this is a very empowering exercise for the children.

The reason I write this letter is because after the kids came off the mountain different people have spent time organizing evening events to help campCARE. One evening staff from WorldMark the Club, organized an evening of cross-country skiing for the children. WorldMark wanted to thank the people who took the time to help make this evening a success.

Cross Country Connections donated 17 pairs of cross country skis for the event. They took the time to sign up 17 people during closing, then entrusted WorldMark with the care of the skis throughout night. Without their patience the night would have been lost. Even though the evening had a bit of a confusing start the workers in the Whistler cross country ticket booth run by the Municipality of Whistler were very tolerant. They donated ski tickets for the evening and access to the warming hut.

We would also like to thank Doug from Moguls for taking the time to make cider and supply cookies.

This is the first time I have organized an event like this and I am pleased fellow Whistlerites made it this easy to help the less fortunate.

It’s not all about the money.

Glen Murray

WorldMark the Club

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