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letter to the editor

Once again we are seeing first hand the need to modernize B.C.'s archaic liquor laws. The B.C. Liquor Control people slapped a closure order on Dusty's at Creekside in mid-season for an infraction (too many people inside) at the start of the season.

The result of this kind of penalty is that it hurts the innocent, namely the employees who had nothing to do with the decision. They get laid off for 10 days. Why not penalize the real culprits, the owners, and leave the innocent alone? The people that work at Dusty's are young, seasonal workers who badly need the income to pay their rent and other living expenses. Maybe, in this case Intrawest is going to pay the employees as if they had been working the entire time.

Let's hope that our MLA, Ted Nebbeling, is working on proposals to modernize the regulations governing the sale of alcoholic products in B.C.

Paul F. Taylor