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letter to the editor

I would like to thank the organizing committee of the Owens Corning World Freestyle Ski Championships for choosing our home to host their event.

The first word that comes to mind as I write this letter is "professional." That’s the way this event was presented. A common conversation among friends of mine Sunday night was, "Wow, we live here." Then they would go on to describe a part of the event which was special to them.

It is impossible for me to pick one thing over another. From the amazing aerialists to the talents of the mogul skiers, it was inspiring. Experiencing the new school big air and the uniqueness of the quarterpipe show are things that I don’t think can be forgotten.

Sunday evening, marching behind the C-4 Vancouver Pipe Band with a man I have fortunately become friends with during the process of watching this dream evolve into reality, was something that reminded me of how truly blessed we are to be here.

Even though they share credit with hundreds, I have to mention four individuals: Tim Gayda, Ralph Hildebrand, John Johnston and John Paone. These individuals, with their dedication and vision, are the main reasons freestyle is alive in Canada. Knowing how they work though, I would be remiss if the acknowledgement didn’t include their wives and families. It is this strong sense of family values that they bring to the sport of freestyle.

Rick Clare


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