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Letter to Editor


I’m deeply concerned about council’s decision to quash the prospective employee housing project that was before them. I believe we have a responsibility as a community to contribute to everyone’s wellness as much as possible.

Many people who live here are struggling to afford accommodations. Often the places they reside in are minimal or overcrowded. As a mental health worker, it is clear to me, that individuals and whole families are being negatively impacted by the lack of affordable housing. In order to meet their basic needs many people work way too many hours or have to work a number of different jobs. This prevents them from creating a balanced and healthy life. The damage to family life is immeasurable and ongoing. Business owners face hiring problems that are unique to Whistler and create untold stresses for them. Many people who came here to make Whistler their home are leaving discouraged and disillusioned.

It is hard to imagine that there is a more important agenda out there than meeting the basic needs of people who want to make a contribution to this community. In this case we have lost an opportunity to communicate that we care about the plight of many of our citizens. For all our sakes I hope this lack of concern will change.

B. Montani


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