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Letter to Editor


Do you know that wonderful feeling when you work so hard at a project and when it comes the time to pull it off, it works and you feel terrific? Well, I know that was the feeling in the hearts of all the skaters, coaches and parents from the Whistler Skating Club last Saturday at their bi-annual ice carnival Safari on Ice.

What a show. There were 120 boys and girls who have been working on their routines since January. They were in full Safari theme costumes, participating in numbers dressed as orangutangs, tourists, flowers, ancient Egyptians, elephants and jungle cats, to name a few. As a few spectators said to me, "That was just like the Ice Capades." The kids really put on a performance!

We had a lot of help this year. Firstly, thanks to our amazing coaches; Karen Verbrugge, Maddy Begg and Sheena Watts. Our thanks go out to Race and Company who have come on board as our primary sponsor and make our Board of Directors' job a whole lot easier! We would like to mention a few people and companies whose support enabled the success of our carnival. Cary Campbell of Blue Juice Design for our amazing set, Steff Casavant, Danielle O'Reilly and Georgina Titus for designing our program, the Arena staff for all their support, and to all our program advertisers who made the program possible!

Thanks to our raffle and silent auction donators for helping us create some revenue: Whiski Jack Resorts, Club Intrawest, Kaye Halstead, Chef Casavants, Amos and Andes, Daria of Razzamatazz, Blue Daisy Fun Stuff, Great Games and Toys, Partial to Pastries, and a big thanks to Sports Stop.

Our skating year is almost at an end, but we will host a summer skate in August and then we're back at it on the ice come mid-September.

Thanks to all who helped pull it together!

Libby McKeever

Fundraising Director

Whistler Skating Club