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Let’s get the part-eh started!


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2. I am Canadian because…:

Pete: Obviously, I'm hung like a moose.

Chad: We’re always taking pot shots at ourselves.

Doug: The skiing in Thailand sucks.

Greg: I was born & raised here on the West Coast, have lived here my whole life, and there's no place else I'd rather be.

Dave: I’d rather watch the NHL draft than a baseball game.

Sean: I say "eh" a lot, eh?

Wes: My birth certificate says so.

3. What song sums up Canada best?

Pete : Kim Mitchell’s "Might As Well Go For A Soda".

Chad: "The Ballad of Wendel Clark" by The Rheostatics.

Doug : Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi".

Greg: "Helpless" by Neil Young – if you don't know why, check it out.

Dave: "Pass Me Another Eskimo" by Day-Glo Abortions.

Sean: Our national anthem, "Oh Canada".

Wes : 50 Cent’s "It’s your birthday". I’ve been hearing that a lot lately.

Canada’s best musical export is…:

Pete: Avril Lavigne. Get her as far away from here as possible.

Chad: No question, it’s Daniel Lanois who produced all those great U2 albums and Bob Dylan albums and Neil Young albums and a countless number of his own. He does exactly what Canadians do – guide things behind the scene without a fuss.

Doug: Joni Mitchell and the band RUSH – no explanation needed.

Greg: I'd have to say RUSH because they have stayed in Canada, and always kicked serious musical butt.

Dave: Steppin’ Wolf. The drummer is amazing and their lead singer’s blind - an incredible band.

Sean: Definitely the Tragically Hip because their songs have a lot of Canadian content in their lyrics and their style and sound stand alone.

Wes: Neil Young. He does his own thing. He sings beautiful music but is still a bad ass.