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Let’s get the part-eh started!


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You could always head over to Creekside and catch the Hairfarmers hoe down at Dusty’s, which is opening its doors for summer the first time in 38 years. With an outdoor BBQ and beer bash to be proud of, the Creek will be grilling from lunchtime onwards, with the party anthems kicking in at 5 p.m. as only the hairy duo of Guitar Greg and Grateful Greg can kick them.

Free s’mores and marshmallow roasting for the kids.

Buffalo Bill’s is handing the basement over to Whistler’s bad boys of rock, the Dave Crowley Band. In true Canadian form, these local lords of darkness will be consuming copious cans and causing ear crushing chaos with their full metal assault from 9 p.m.

On Tuesday morning, make sure you hit the recovery party — the 2010 Olympic Bid Decision Day. Starting at 7 a.m. there’ll be a pancake breakfast in the Village Square, followed by a live broadcast from Prague around 8:30 a.m. Join Olympians and Paralympians, past and present, plus the many locals who have worked so hard on the dream as they wait for the IOC’s decision.

The Oh Canada Day Quiz

We asked some of Whistler’s musicians performing on this special day what it means to be Canadian, and what music true Canadians should have in their collection. Here are their responses:

1. What does Canada Day mean to you?

Pete from WDC: The appreciation in the eyes of 200 people throwing their arms around each other, singing the national anthem.

Chad from WDC: It’s my parents’ anniversary so that’s quite a party in our family. But I think mostly I just appreciate having a day off. Kind of, oh wait, I’m playing in my band that night.

Guitar Doug: Here comes summer.

Grateful Greg: It’s an excellent day off for all Canadians to get together and behave like Canadians — you know, drink loads of beer and party like hell.

Dave from The Crowley Band : Another excuse to get drunk.

Sean from Totally Hip: Paying homage to our forefathers who founded this great nation with some good Canadian kick ass rock n’ roll.

Wes Makepeace: It’s right when the sun starts rolling in and I start coaching snowboarding on the glacier — it’s a good mix.