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Whistler doctor found guilty of unprofessional conduct Whistler Dr. Ernest Ledgerwood has been found guilty of unprofessional conduct, fined $25,000 and suspended from practising for two months by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of B.C. An inquiry committee appointed by the council found that Ledgerwood had: o Provided medical services to an immediate family member, contrary to the Code of Ethics. o Treated a female patient with disrespect by making an insensitive comment regarding a request for an obstetrical test. o Conducted himself inappropriately by hugging several female patients during the course of treating the patients. o Impugned the reputation of medical colleagues to another medical colleague, contrary to the Code of Ethics. The inquiry committee proceeded on the basis of an agreed statement of facts and agreement with respect to the characterization of the conduct as unprofessional. Ledgerwood’s name will be erased from the Medial Register and entered in the Temporary Register with conditions attached. In addition to the fine and suspension, Ledgerwood will undergo medical and educational assessments and monitoring to exclude future risk of such misconduct, formal reprimands with respect to the treatment of a family member and the impugning of the reputation of colleagues, reimbursement to the Medical Services Commission with respect to all monies billed for treatment of a family member, and the requirement that a chaperone be offered to all female patients attending for physical examinations. Ledgerwood has had a medical practice in Whistler for several years.

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