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Launching a new life



Who: Glenn Mishaw

What: By My Side CD launch

Where: The Crystal Lounge

When: Saturday, Dec. 7

Have you ever had a dream and wished you had the guts to go for it? Glenn Mishaw did.

The Whistler resort salesman led a double life for six years, moonlighting as a guitarist, singer and songwriter. By day he worked for ResortQuest. By night he played covers on Blackcomb for Canadian Snowmobiles, or sang at La Brasserie, the Longhorn or the Crystal Lounge.

One day, Mishaw decided to run the gambling gauntlet and turn his life-long dream into a reality. He moved to the city with a clear aim: to make a record, make contacts and learn as much as he could about the fickle music industry. Now he has his first CD to show for it – By My Side – and the Crystal Lounge is hosting a party to celebrate its release.

"I wish I’d decided to do this 10 years ago, but hey, there’s no time like the present," Mishaw laughed.

Ontario-born, B.C. based Mishaw finally has his foot firmly planted in the door of "the business" and he wants to be in Whistler to celebrate.

"People are always receptive in Whistler. Everyone’s been good to me here. In Van, if you’re a new artist it’s hard work getting a gig in a coffee house. But in Whistler, the venues are really supportive of fresh talent," he said.

Mishaw’s big move has obviously paid off. He’s working for record label Pacific Music in marketing and he has found himself a great producer, Jory Groberman of 29Productions. Mishaw said this is a major commitment.

"I want to go all the way. I don’t have a delusional theory about being a rock star. I accept what needs to be done to get there – a lot of hard work, making contacts and working out who are the players that can help you."

Even though Mishaw has been writing his own songs for 10 years he still considers himself a rookie.

"Anyone who has made it in songwriting will tell you, you can always get better."

Mishaw’s music is energetic acoustic pop with folk roots. His influences are Neil Young, David Gray, Lyle Lovett and Sheryl Crow.

Remember the name Glenn Mishaw. This guy is going to all the way.

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